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  1. It is not entirely fair from your company to not give your customers information on whether you are preparing a program that will replace the lightroom. I supported your company by purchasing all AP and AF and Publisher licenses for both PC and Ipad. Although I only use vector occasionally. All these programs are amazing and I really appreciate the work you have done. In my work, however, I can not do without Adobe Lightroom. Please tell us your intentions if you are preparing something like this. Apparently I'm not the only one who can't sleep.
  2. Affinity Photo on iPad - export problem. You cannot select cm when exporting to JPEG. It always jumps back to px. I often use this when I send JPEGs to print.
  3. After looking at the YouTube video on Affinity Revolution, I tried to edit a photo like this:
  4. Thank you for the warning. Halo effect probably originated during sharpening. I've got to be careful.
  5. Thank you. Photo of Prague.
  6. Thanks for Affinity Photo. So far, only I am learning to work with him. I am excited.
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