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    Bryce reacted to Frozen Death Knight in Masking problem in a 1.8.4   
    I think clipping feels better after that update, yeah. However, one point of criticism that I hope you guys over at Serif will consider for a future release is that you add better indicators for when you are doing a clipping action or some other thing.
    For instance, instead of the highlight being the regular blue colour when doing a clipping layer action it is instead shown in a different colour; i.e green or yellow (just to take colour blindness into account). Would make it a lot easier to notice what kind of action you are taking at a glance. Alternatively you do it like Photoshop by changing the cursor icons for those types of actions. Considering the amount of modifier shortcuts there are for the Layers panel (i.e. alt clicking the thumbnail to isolate it), you could make several icons for the cursor indicating what is going on. Would be a fantastic quality of life change.
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    Bryce reacted to Old Bruce in Font Sizes wrong   
    Without the document there is nothing I can suggest other than just off the top of my head to select some of the letters and check the Character Panel for Horizontal and Vertical resizing. Should be 100% for each.

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    Bryce got a reaction from Old Bruce in Font Sizes wrong   
    That window helped. It was not that but the new text was defaulting to subscript. Thanks for helping me find that!
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    Bryce reacted to Andy Somerfield in Mac Transition to Apple Chips   
    Morning all,
    Further to the comments made by Dan, I'm pleased to report that the transition to Apple Silicon has been completed. We will, of course, use the time between now and any Apple hardware release to test what we have internally - but I see no reason why we will not be available on day one with all three apps.
    To address questions regarding ongoing support for Intel based Macs: We will support Intel based Macs as long as they are supported by Apple (ie. until the last Intel based Mac is considered "obsolete" by Apple). This will be years after the last Intel Mac has shipped - and will only mean that we stop providing updates - not that the app will stop working.
    Hope this helps,
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    Bryce reacted to Mark Daniel in Show/hide bleeds   
    There are a few view options that affect this
    * If you have Preview mode on (View -> Preview Mode) then nothing will show in the bleed area.
    * If you have Clip to Canvas Off (View -> View Mode -> Clip to Canvas)  and Show Bleed On (View -> Show Bleed) things will show right out into the pasteboard but a grey line will show where the bleed box is
    * If you have Clip to Canvas On then Show Bleed will toggle whether items that go off the edge are shown are clipped at the Trim Box (page) edge or the Bleed Box edge.
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    Bryce got a reaction from Jowday in Please Lightroom Replacement!   
    Have you tried Capture One? I have both licenses but only use Capture One because it is so much better in nearly every way.
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    Bryce got a reaction from os design in how to get PANTONE color   
    Just click the swatches palette and choose the color

    How to PMS.mov How_to_PMS.mov
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    Bryce reacted to Alfred in Is Affinity Photo one-time payment ?   
    Just to clarify: an upgrade fee will only be required if you want the new features and bug fixes that come with version 2. Version 1 will continue to work as long as your operating system supports it.
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    Bryce reacted to Eugene Tyson in CMYK document > default Black is not 100 K   
    I suggest having the CMYK swatches as default for all print docs. 
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    Bryce reacted to thomaso in CMYK document > default Black is not 100 K   
    In a new CMYK document a frame text appears as black by default. That's fine. Unfortunately this Black appears in the cmyk slider view of the color pane not to be = 100 K but mixed 87 C + 78 M + 65 Y + 93 K, which additionally is a rich Black with 323 % print color. This complys to the default Black definition of an RGB document.
    Any chance to fix the default Black for all CMYK documents to 100 K?
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    Bryce reacted to - S - in Can you convert from color to grayscale and/or black/white in Affinity Designer and/or Photo?   
    There are a number of different ways to remove colour, however these are probably the most common ways:
    1) Go to Document > Colour Format > Greyscale.  Although I never use this as it's destructive and removes the colour information permanently
    2) Go to Layer > New Fill Layer, fill it with white and set the layer blend mode to 'Colour'
    3) Add a Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer and change the Output Channel to 'Grey'
    4) Add a Curves Adjustment Layer, set the layer blend mode to 'Colour', then drag the bottom-left corner point of the curve to the top-left corner (so that it's a horizontal line)
    5) Add a HSL Adjustment Layer and drag the 'Saturation Shift' slider all the way to the left (-100%)
    6) Add a Black & White Adjustment Layer
    7) Add a Black & White Adjustment Layer, and change the default values from 100%, to the following values to mimic method 3 (adding a Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer).  R=29.8%, Y=88.5%, G=58.9%, C=69.9%, B=11.4%, M=41.2% (for RGB 8-bit images only, the values will be different for RGB 16-bit images).  You can record this as a macro.
    8) Add a Soft Proof Adjustment Layer and set the Proof Profile to 'Greyscale D50'.  This will mimic method 1 (Document > Colour Format > Greyscale)
    9) To do it via 'Layer Effects' for a layer or group.  Open the 'Layer Effects' settings.  Go to 'Colour Overlay' and set Blend Mode to Colour, Opacity to 100% and Colour to white or black.
    It's worth noting that the different methods give different end results as a straight B&W conversion, as per the below examples (click on the first image, then use the left/right arrow keys to scroll through them).  The Monochromacy/Achromatopsia 'Color Blindness Simulator' on this site, appears to be using something similar to methods 2 or 3 above.

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    Bryce got a reaction from PaulEC in Will Designer ever have tracing capabilities   
    I don't think you will see it until version 2.0
    This is a major feature request that I keep seeing over and over. There are also good and bad implementations. I would only want it included if it's very good.
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    Bryce got a reaction from PaoloT in IDML export   
    You are right. Adobe can only place PDF files, not open them. Of course they can still be vector but that's it. This might be a good opportunity to show your colleague Affinity as it really can do a lot that Indesign cannot, especially if you can show how you can edit pictures without going to Photoshop. Affinity brilliantly opens PDF, IDML, or can copy and paste fairly well from Indesign. It is a shame that Indesign has not had much love in the last 10 years. It's basically the same as CS6 with a few small things added. I have to pay the subscription or I would be locked out of my thousands of INDD files. Show knows though now that IDML is available for import, I think it will change everything.
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    Bryce got a reaction from Fixx in Why are arcs and radius' based on resolution?   
    I know I have wondered this before and never quite found a solution but if I copy from one document that's 300 dpi vs another that is 600 dpi the radius' and arcs will all double (or shrink going the other way)? Is that a bug or a feature because it doesn't really make sense to me and I need to understand.
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    Bryce reacted to big smile in Automatically find other missing images in the same folder   
    When locating missing images in the Resource Manager, it would be great if the Resource Manager would automatically locate other missing images in the same folder.
    My document has 4 linked images:

    They are all stored in the "my images" folder. This gets renamed to the "linked images" folder, so I need to re-link them. 
    I use Resource Manager to re-link 1.jpg. After doing this, resource manager will display a dialogue stating "Other missing images found in this folder. Ok to relink?" I can then click "OK" an images 2.jpg to 4.jpg will be relinked without me having to do it manually.  
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    Bryce got a reaction from Patrick Connor in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Well the conversions didn't go quite as well on other files. I'll post it in the bugs. My newspaper spreads, which are 2 facing pages came in as one large single page. I also get quite a few crashes when trying to open the files.
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    Bryce got a reaction from Patrick Connor in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I just opened a batch of newspaper ads in a file (probably 100 or so) and the conversion took a little time but it seemed to work. Even handling the broken links and fonts similar to Indesign. Great job! We'll be trying it out a lot more in the coming days.
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    Bryce reacted to Patrick Connor in Version 1.8: Further on no headings across multiple columns!   
    @Uncle Jack
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    We are quite proud of the software and will continue to add new features IV future versions. I do not know if this particular one will be included in free 1.x updates or not, sorry.
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    Bryce reacted to MikeW in Tool for make a long shadow   
    But wouldn't ya know, there is an inexpensive plugin for long shadows...

    Isn't a plugin system great when an application doesn't provide X features? (Serif...hint, hint.)
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    Bryce got a reaction from Fixx in Publisher: step and repeat   
    I'm sure a professional printer is not using Indesign to do n-up or Step and repeat. There are dedicated programs out there just for the functions needed press and step and repeat and n-up are just the basics. Quite Imposing is quite amazing - also made by the Brits - and gives so much more that it is worth every penny. Since it works with PDFs you have the functions from any program, not requiring it to be built into every one.
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    Bryce got a reaction from philipmuller97 in Optimisation for 16" MacBook Pro   
    Here is what it looks like on mine:

    screen redraw.mov   It looks pretty good here but that's because I'm zoomed out a little. I see that your new mac is running at a lot higher resolution than your 2011 iMac and I think that has to do with everything. The way Affinity handles graphics, is based upon how zoomed in you are to move all of the pixels around. If I zoom in and do it I get the same look as you. So I think it has a lot to do with the  drivers and Affinity moving around a lot more pixels on the retina display. Mine is recorded on an external 4k display since I'm at work.
    This is also not lag in the traditional sense but it's skipping frames, giving the jumping look. It's doing that so it can move in real time rather than the 60 FPS and then have lag if it has to display all 60, then it would have to slow down.
    It might help to disable Automatic graphic switching in the Energy Saver control panel.
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    Bryce reacted to R C-R in Extremely discouraged   
    It would help to know what you mean by "simple shapes" & what tool you are trying to use to create them. AD has 19 built-in so-called 'quick shapes,' most of which have multiple settings available on the context toolbar plus modifier key options to constrain their aspect ratios capable of creating a wide variety of simple (& not so simple) shapes.
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    Bryce reacted to walt.farrell in Type on a path - white background fill   
    Select all that text, then look in the Character studio panel (View > Studio > Character) where you may find that you have a white background specified:

    If so, click on it, and then click on the circle with the red slash to remove it:

    If you find this happening regularly, you might want to reset your defaults. After doing the above, with the text still selected, Edit > Defaults > Synchronize from Selection followed by Edit > Defaults > Save.
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    Bryce reacted to mswift in Data merge   
    You’re joking right?
    you Are comparing 20 years of development with 2 years. I remember the first version of InDesign didn’t equal its opposition (Quark) until about version 3.
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    Bryce reacted to Pandorino in Affinity Publisher more than 2 pages per spread (split)   
    Will be possible in future to have spreads of more than 2 pages?
    See InDesign: Control Spread Pagination
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