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    JFisher got a reaction from alecspra in Affinity quits when trying to open Preferences   
    Hi everyone, 

    Try opening the app with the CTRL held down. Then click 'Select All' and 'Clear' 
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    JFisher reacted to Sean P in Can't Save Bug   
    Hi Mr. K,

    This looks to be the issue that is caused by Apple's (very frustrating) sand-boxing. I noticed one of your other posts was about having the same issues when trying to open files. Do you use any form of Font Manager at all? If so I would suggest first decreasing the amount of fonts you have installed in it, or failing that try uninstalling your font manager to see if that improves.

    Apple's sand-boxing for MAS applications only allows for so many files to be open at one time, so if you are using a font manager then this can greatly increase the amount of files opened causing users to run into this.
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    JFisher reacted to chris.bannu in Text styles makes Affinity Designer very laggy   
    Hi J,
    I can't seem to reproduce it any more, but I have upgraded to the Beta version, and when I was playing around with it I was using the stable version.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Wolf-Tau in Using HDR Merge and keeps crashing   
    Hi Wolf-Tau

    Would it be possible to provide a copy of the files you're using for the HDR Merge so I can test this? 

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    JFisher reacted to maku in affinity closes after clicking "settings"   
    Thanx, problem solved with your hint.
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    JFisher reacted to Sean P in Mac, Designer 1.6.0, Crashing when DPI field in new document dialog is clicked   
    Hi oschrenk,

    We've had a few users experience crashes similar to these. See this thread below. According to MattP in the thread it's to do with combo boxes on High Sierra - we think that Apple has made a change in this area that has a bad interaction with some of the UI code. Development are actively trying to fix this at the moment.
    Thanks for letting us know.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Pranto in Please Add Motion Image Editing & Composing Option in Affinity.   
    Hi DeEntertainist,

    We have no plans to add this at the moment, ill move this post to the feature request section
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    JFisher reacted to sealboy in Multiple page export to PDF results in a corrupted PDF file   
    Thanks JFisher and Dutchshader,
    I took a closer look at the fonts and did a validation on them and 2 showed up in error (see screenshot). Odd as I have been using these fonts for a good while and they display fine in Designer and other apps. I am guessing a weird High Sierra thing. I have sourced new versions of the fonts and all is now exporting just fine.
    Thank you both, you have saved me from a resume trauma!
    Have a good weekend.

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    JFisher reacted to daniel leclerc in selection tool brush   
    Well. Sorry. It's OK. I restarted Affinity and everything good now.
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    JFisher reacted to Ash in Affinity Photo for iPad wins App of the Year 2017!   
    Hi All,
    We're over the moon to announce that Apple have selected Affinity Photo for iPad as their App of the Year 2017!
    We weren’t really sure this year could have got any better. From our big launch on stage at WWDC in June, to all the amazing reviews and feedback we’ve had from many of you – we’ve been totally blown away by the response our app has had. It's important to say that to create an app like this has only been possible with all your support. Not just help with the beta and development of the app itself, but in making Affinity such a success over the last few years to enable us to invest in the development of a big project like this.
    If you haven't yet got the iPad version of Affinity Photo we are running a flash sale, just for the next 48 hours, to get it with a 50% discount. We can't imagine running such a big discount again for a very long time(!) so don't miss out on that. More info on our iPad page here.
    Also we'd love you to help spread the word about this for us. It's been a while since we've done a competition like this, so if you:
    Like our Facebook page and share or comment on this post
    Follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet
    You'll be entered into a free draw to win a 12.9" iPad Pro! The closing date is 12pm GMT on Saturday (when the flash sale ends), and we'll announce the winner on this thread.
    But more than anything, thanks again for all your continued support.
    Edit by Patrick.
    The Winner of the iPad (mentioned in this post)  is in a reply to this thread here
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    JFisher got a reaction from verysame in Please Add Motion Image Editing & Composing Option in Affinity.   
    Hi DeEntertainist,

    We have no plans to add this at the moment, ill move this post to the feature request section
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    JFisher reacted to Chris B in Error al abrir cualquier imagen   
    Hey Danjes,
    Creo que esto puede deberse al uso de un dpi de Windows personalizado. ¿Puedes ir a la configuración de tu pantalla y verificar qué resolución y escalado estás usando por favor? Debería estar bien usando los ajustes preestablecidos, como 100%, 125% y 150%, pero si usa una configuración personalizada, verá este problema.
    Hey danjes,

    I believe this may be caused by using a custom Windows dpi. Can you go to your Display settings and double check what resolution and scaling you are using please. It should be fine using the presets such as 100%, 125% and 150% but if you use a custom setting you will see this issue.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Pranto in Foreign Text Fonts Layout Problem In Affinity Photo.   
    Hi DeEntertainist

    Welcome to the forum

    Unfortunately right to left text isn't supported in Affinity apps so will not appear correctly. We hope to add support for this in a future update.
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    JFisher reacted to Kiarian in Gran Turismo Sport - Super Mario Kart   
    Gran Turismo Sport now allow users to import SVG files for the in-game livery editor. The only thing is, the SVG file has to be below 15Kb in memory, which is pretty tiny.
    It's a nice challenge though, to chop away as much unneeded information as possible, but to still get a good quality image. I created this vector file using Affinity Designer, which I then exported as the SVG file. 
    I then used the livery editor to give my bog standard go-kart a new design.

    The Gran Turismo screenshots are in game. I'm just showing them to illustrate how the decal design looks on the go-kart!

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    JFisher reacted to coastman in Status Bar   
    Spot on MEB Many thanks. It would be useful for Serif to add this rectification to the help menu. The status bar is invaluable.
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    JFisher got a reaction from MartinsRibeiro in RYB color model   
    Hi MartinsRibeiro,

    This isn't possible at the moment i'm afraid. I will move your post to the feature requests section.
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    JFisher reacted to Lee D in Give Mr T a Magnum PI tattoo   
    Found a slightly different image that had been converted, a bit of masking and lowering the opacity and saturation.

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    JFisher reacted to Callum in Give Mr T a Magnum PI tattoo   
    Hi Nickpan,
    This might be the my favourite ever forum post!
    I have done a very terrible version that you can see below. I will also include the Affinity Photo file with Save With History enabled so you can see the steps I took
    Don't worry if you don't like mine I think a few of my colleagues have also had a go and will be posting theirs shortly!
    I went for the aged biker tattoo look

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    JFisher reacted to MEB in physical order for windows affinity   
    Hi Raj sahu,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    The Physical orders section only applies to the Affinity Designer Workbook which is the only physical product we sell on the Affinity Store. Our apps are only available as downloads as JFisher mentioned.
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    JFisher reacted to IanSG in AP install on multiple computers   
    But you'll need separate licences if the desktop and laptop PCs are running different operating systems (Windows and MacOS)
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    JFisher reacted to mikerofoto in pas de bonus pour utilisateur Mac ??   
    si la fenetre Bienvenue de Affinity apparais pas par défaut en ouvrant AP, dans les menus du haut/aide/bienvenue.
    plusieurs personne enleve le crochet de bienvenue, dont moi  alors c'est la seul façon de la voir encore.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in Affinity products for Linux   
    Hi corsseir,

    Welcome to the forum.

    This is something that has been requested before but we have no plans to develop Affinity apps for Linux i'm afraid.
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    JFisher reacted to TonyAhLeong in Affinity Photo   
    Hi JFisher
    Thank you for prompt help.
    I've got back the Layer display.
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    JFisher got a reaction from gdgross in Account Creation   
    Hi gdgross,

    You don't need to create an account for this. 

    1.6 is a free update, log into the App Store and go to the Purchased section. Providing you're logged into the same account that was used when purchasing the app originally you should be able to update  
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    JFisher reacted to Marky in Girl on a rock   
    First attempts at using Affinity photo for composite work. I may eventually get to like it.
    Very good value for the price. 

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