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  1. Yes it make sense. So taking a step back, how do you setup InDesign to not use Global Layers being that both ways are beneficial? I have never figured it out if there is a way.
  2. rjvela82

    Possible bug with lists

    @LostInTranslation What's your indent properties? You need to push the Left Indent, and then roll back the First Line indent.
  3. Yeah I mean there are positives too with having a community. Such as accountability to the community keeps developers in check. However if you have strong leadership whose passionate and vision about the product, it can be very powerful. The other positive is you expose all the bugs publicly which makes it easier to find all the issues in the product. With design and layout tools such as the Affinity products, this is a very good thing to have. I'm just not personally a fan of it because I tend to think it spoils customers.
  4. "Affinity Publicator" No, you don't need to worry. The whole name Affinity Publisher is a trademark so there's nothing Microsoft can sue for.
  5. As a software product manager, listening to community has its drawbacks because you can't please everybody all the time. Also, development time is costly so you have to move slow and cautiously or you will have reliability issues later on both in the code and in the user experience. If I had been the CEO of Serif, I wouldn't even have had this community. I would've had a private support portal where I could pick and choose which input is truly valuable and disregard a significant number by the wayside in order to manage expectations and communicate with customers via email about plans as a means to keep them engaged. Yes I feel that strongly about community driven feedback, sue me. I prefer efficient software development and to achieve that its best to have customers at arms length, in the waiting room, or on the line outside the store. (okay I'm just saying this because of iPhone's release) I kind of agree with you. Personally I can't stand the gradient panel. I can't copy an end point. It's not intelligent enough to allow me to delete an end or starting point if an additional node already exists on the gradient line which would shift it to be the new start or end point I deleted. I have to unnecessarily manage color swatches I don't want to keep.
  6. You may have alot of people agreeing with you on that point, but one would also think there was some market research involved. My guess is that there was because after Designer, Photo and now Publisher don't seem like an afterthought. This was planned from the beginning.
  7. I have to agree with you. Alot of people think Affinity needs to compete with or replace Adobe. Serif doesn't need to do this. Affinity apps are 50 bones with no subscription. It would be considered a success to take 5% of Adobe's marketshare with 70% of its features. If you don't like it, keep using Adobe products. @wonderings PS. If you think I'm bluffing about that 5%, consider Designer has 1 million users and Serif considers it a success. Now find out how many people use Adobe products. Somewhere north of 250 million.
  8. rjvela82

    Exported PDF Problems

    It still shouldn't happen on RGB/8 though....
  9. I'm not trying to refute you here because obviously InDesign has purposely made the layers to work this way, but in my head all you need to do in such cases is update the original master where your layer resides for it to flow to all other masters and pages. Feel free to shed some light.
  10. Why not convert the PDF into a rasterized format such as TIFF, etc. You'll need to manage each page exported from the PDF as individual files which is annoying but it gets the job done. I for one have to agree that editing PDFs in Publisher is an added bonus.
  11. Does't the PDF show up as a layer? Can't you just lock the layer?
  12. Please watch the selection after the word "need:" in the first line. It results in formatting changes to the first line that I have to fix after I make changes to my bullet paragraph.
  13. • Fun Factor This shouldn't be number one but it stands out very much for me after hours and hours of work in InDesign and replicating much of my project in the Publisher Beta. With InDesign getting through a single page can take much longer than it does in Publisher because you have to be careful with every step you take. Checking and double checking your elements is a time consuming part of the workflow in InDesign you just can't neglect or else you're going to be sorry sooner or later. Publisher on the other hand feels so design friendly that it keeps me engaged but more importantly I feel like I make steady progress. • Layers upon Layers The layers panel of your InDesign project will always show all Layers from all pages. The only way to keep your sanity is to create a layer for each page, but with every page you add, you must consider your Layers panel again and again because if you're not careful, you will be adding layers in the wrong place. Think about that when you're 100, 200, pages into your publication. I'm super glad Publisher only shows the layers for each page even though soon Global Layers will be possible. However in InDesign you only get global layers. • Text Frame Options Not a Panel In InDesign hen you want to handle your text frame's insets or vertical alignment, you need to right-click your text frame and click an option to open a separate window. So glad Publisher is doing it right with a studio panel! • No SVG Support My gosh InDesign, when will Adobe add this?! • Table of Horrors Serif has done a wonderful thing with the tables by allowing you to manage your table's borders and basic style properties from the Table Studio which automatically creates Cell Styles that inherit those styles. Moreover, there in the same Preference window. This is brilliant because in InDesign you have to manage your Cell Styles completely separately from scratch in a different window. The process feels so disjointed, especially when your expected changes fail to apply for whatever unknown reason. • Dude Where's my Asset (or Symbol) Seriously, no asset panel in InDesign so you can store a project's reusable assets. They must think you want to link every little shape in your publication from somewhere. While InDesign is a rock for designing and publishing layouts in any type of user environment, it does have a habit of getting in the way of itself and that's why using InDesign feels alot more like work than it does designing. Every step feels like it takes more energy it should. If you're in the Serif team and you're reading this, I can't tell you how encouraging it is for me to be able to look forward to working in an app like Affinity Publisher. Please work hard and keep up the good work to make this an outstanding design tool. Oh and a feature request: One of my most used functions in InDesign is the Presentation Mode feature which lets me quickly see my work in all its glory. I use it alot because it motivates me and let's me make more decisions on edits I should make. The Presentation Mode is something that would beyond hiding the UI, as it also hides all guides. Essentially, the function includes Hide All Guides, Toggle UI, Hide Rulers, and Zoom to Fit all in one. I really think all the Affinity apps should include a Presentation Mode but especially Publisher. Please consider this request. Thanks