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  1. Hi @Chris_K Maybe you're working on new version of Designer? No doc and I'm able to change bg grey level. designer no bg.mp4
  2. +Update After starting a document, the issue corrected itself. I can confirm that in Designer, you do not need to start a document to change the UI Background level.
  3. The level is not dynamically changing until you switch away to a different UI style and come back. The Default OS option doesn't do anything at all even if you switch between the other options. No dynamic change either to the background. pref ui.mp4
  4. Love the new Default OS option in the UI Preferences guys - nice work!
  5. rjvela82

    Quick iOS question

    @cfurlin Even if they don't have plans for Publisher on iOS that can change pretty quick. iPad Pro is getting insane leverage as of late.
  6. You can think of it as a more systematic approach. I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Also there's a whole branch of philosophy which shows that thinking systemically is very beneficial to human consciousness. Software and design in general embody alot of the principles that define the systemic approach.
  7. By the way, why does Publisher require Designer and Photo to be installed? (just curious) Why isn't it a simplified Draw persona, and a simplified Photo persona built inside the Publisher UI instead of launching an instance of Designer or Photo. Assuming it works this way.
  8. Are you talking about dragging a node angle and pressing a modifier key that would cause the opposite node to mirror with the node you are adjusting? I'm on this forum wondering and wandering for information on this function which is often found in other vector tools. While it doesn't seem important, its very useful in symmetrical work.
  9. Okay here's what happening...
  10. I'm not sure what happened but it came back...
  11. Publisher is not going to do column guides at page level because you can only input text in a text frame. Consider making a grid with gutter spacing.
  12. rjvela82

    Dedicated Width Tool

    @Mauro VillaseƱor You mean the Pressure options?