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  1. Why would that make a difference for printing? Invisible parts don´t get printed anyway, no matter if masked or cut away. Unless Affinity Designer would have a mask with bleed feature of course. (Now that would be a great thing too.) But currently the contours are put on top anyway. At least that is the way we do it. I agree that often documents for print come from customers in a bad complicated style with many masked parts and for integrating graphics in PDF and alike trimming would really reduce the filesize. However my wish wasn´t about printing or PDF documents, I just figured out that most cartoon animation programs import masked vectors pretty bad. So I have to boolean all the shading. That is an annoying thing and I don´t think the boolean operation is too difficult to approach, since technically the trimming already happened for the display if you mask parts.
  2. No, masking doesn´t cut the geometry, it just sort of hides it. It IS possible achieving that like seen on the screenshot but it is just a bad workflow, I thought there could be an easier way. Something like the right click "rasterise and trim" just without the "rasterise". So... it is a feature request now ;-)
  3. Well yes, I want this without rasterise ;-)
  4. Hi, I don´t know if I just couldn´t find it or if this doesn´t (yet?) exist. Is there a way to trim shapes in sublayers to the parent layer? I know I can do this by handling the parts as layers and intersect them but this is sort of a bad workflow. For better understanding please see the screenshot. To the left (1) the original shapes, middle: the shapes put into sublayers (2), right: shapes trimmed by duplicating the gray circle twice for trimming/intersecting them. This does work but requires a lot of steps. Duplicating, contour setting, fill setting, moving into sublayer position. If you do a lot of cartoon shading this is a bit annoying I´d love it if there would be a function doing this by just clicking the parent layer and then something like "trim sublayers". I know for designer it doesn´t really matter but if you export your work to other programs it is better for the shading to have the unneccessary parts cut away. greetings, xy
  5. What about rasterizing the effects only? In case I do a stroke with 3D effect, convert it to curves and export this to pdf everything gets rasterized but actually I would love to see the geometry to stay vector and only the 3D effect on top be a rasterized bitmap. This is sort of essential if you do multilayered prints or prints with a cut contour.
  6. Set locally for only part of a text.
  7. I don´t know how to describe this so I´ll use this example: Say I have 100 pages book and at the end there is an index of people that appear in the book In the text appear names like Jack (1) is the father of Jim (1.1) and his sister is Maria (1.2) ... family story, lot of names. The people appear on several pages. Then there is a tree index at the end of the book: Jack (1) ---> Jim (1.1) ---> Maria (1.2) Now it could happen that there will be parents of Jack found and all the numbering needs to be updated like: James (1) Jack (1.1) ---> Jim (1.1.1) ---> Maria (1.1.2) Is there a way to force the document to be updated when I edit the index? I know there are symbols but these don´t seem to be quite right for this. Possible or future feature ? ;-)
  8. It isn´t really a bug but it is annoying, every time the index is updated the previously set Paragraph Leading is set back to default.
  9. I just figured out the nice index feature and already reached it limits. I am writing a book containing people and places. I want an index for the people and one for the places. What now ? Okay I know it is a bit early to ask for features but maybe I just misunderstand the functionality of the "add topic" , what is that for ?
  10. Xytraz

    PDF Export fails

    Works with the 128, though this time I disabled the JPG compression, will try again later.
  11. Xytraz


    Opens now! Probably fixed, will continue to work on the book later and check if everything goes well.
  12. Xytraz


    Okay I saw that I still had the installation file on another pc and switched back to that. Opening the file now works again :) However there are no images on the mastr so that isn´t the issue.
  13. Xytraz


    Version, I guess I can´t roll back to an older version if I haven´t downloaded it before :-( Master page, not on purpose, so most likely not. I´d love to try an older version, that way I could test if it is the same bug you mention.
  14. Xytraz


    Eek, it looks like I was a bit too optimistic, now it crashed and I can´t reopen my file... *sigh* never work on serious projects with beta software I always get that message now when I am trying to open the file, report has been sent. The last thing that I tried to do was applying a stroke to an image.
  15. Hello, I just created a file "book" with 68 pages and a lot of images. The PDF export fails. Is there a log file containing more information? It is not a matter of disk space, at least I don´t think this would consume ~ 13GB Apart from some minor other things pretty stable.

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