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  1. I looked in the forums and google but i couldn't really find a solid answer. Im working on an album cover and normally for all my work (regardless of if i plan to print or not i) just set it to "print" when i open a new document. I may have fiddled a bit with the profiles in the past but i cant remember what the default is. does it make any difference?
  2. Oh yeah! I've actually followed along on some of their youtube videos. I'm familiar with them. ☺ thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Hey guys, i hate to admit but its been a while since i try and learn new things on both Affinity Designer Affinity Photo. I need help finding an online course to do that can guide me through the program to really cement my skills. I dont mind paying but it would be really cool to find one where u can obtain some sort of certification. Do those exist for Affinity? I know there are a re few online courses for the Adobe programs but im not a fan of Adobe. Anyways, can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. ok, thanks man. i'll get to work on it later tonight and when i finish my poster i'll share it here
  5. hey thank you and all the others that replied. Can i ask: what exactly is the "afmacro" file and how do i use it lol... im a total noob still but i very much appreciate your reply. Cheers.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to make a poster similar to Obama's "hope" poster. I've seen a a few tutorials done using photoshop but im reluctant to try those because i know i would get lost eventually trying to follow along on affinity photo. Anywho, does anyone have a good tutorial they could link me? Thank you. If there are none to be found then its ok. i just wanted to try it out. My Favorite learning tool so far have been youtube videos where i can follow along. thanks.
  7. Hey guys, so i want to make a wallpaper for my friend and i need help setting up the document size. I don't want to end up making such a big file that it can't be emailed to my friend. But at the same time i don't want to work on something that's too small and risk quality loss. For example if i open up a new document and make it 2560 x 1600 pixels (my friends display size) it just seems like it would be too big to email. maybe i'm wrong though. Is this the best size? Also should i select Web document? Any help is appreciated.
  8. R C-R you are an Afiinity god! Thanks m8. Could i ask u to confirm one other (random) thing? i noticed while messing around on designer that dragging an image or object corner and holding down Ctrl key seems to also rescale stuff right? I always thought it was the shift key that was supposed to be the button. Is this true or was i imagining things lol? I wouldn't try it on the stickers. Just something i noticed while messing around on designer. Anyways guys thanks a bunch. I appreciate your answers.
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