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    yakk reacted to malayali in FREEBIES Hub! FREE Images, Vectors, Videos, Templates, Music, Fonts & More   
    Here is my attempt to list out some super-useful but not-so-popular websites which offer images, vectors, videos, music, templates etc for FREE with personal & commercial use license.
    Sometimes attributions are required. Make sure to check the license terms.
    UPDATE (Feb 3, 2022)
    So, I've added this list to a GitHub repo and from now on updates will be here: https://github.com/zcraber/Freebies-Hub 
    Feel free to star it, fork it... or use however you want.
    FREE Images/Photos & More
    Mixkit - FREE Images, Videos, Templates & Music Pikwizard - FREE Images & Videos FOCA - FREE Images, Videos & Templates Stockvault - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes & Templates Freedesignlife - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes, PSDs, Icons & Fonts Picspree - FREE Images & Vectors Wingart Studio - FREE (Selected) Graphics & Templates Every Month picryl - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Music, Documents etc USFWS National Digital Library - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Audio, Maps etc Clip Art Blog - FREE Clip Art & Images FREE Images/Photos Only
    Reshot - FREE Images Freephotos - FREE Images Freestocks - FREE Images Altphotos - FREE Images nappy - FREE Images slon.pics - FREE Images My Stock Photos - FREE Images Shutteroo - FREE Images Trunklog - FREE Images Skitterphoto - FREE Images Picography - FREE Images Burst - FREE Images Pic Melon - FREE Images My Photo Pack - FREE Images Vladmir's Collection - FREE Images Free Nature Stock - FREE Images Travel Coffee Book - FREE Images Skuak - FREE Images Stokpic - FREE Images Freely Photos - FREE Images Wunderstock - FREE Images Moveast - FREE Images Free Food Photos - FREE Images of Food unprofound - FREE Images Albumarium - FREE Images Pic Pac - FREE Images (pay what you want) iwaria - FREE Images from Africa Creativity103 - FREE Abstract Images & Textures Focus Fitness - FREE Fitness Images Free Vintage Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Old Book Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Reusable Art - FREE Old Artwork lowpolygonart - FREE Low Polygon Art Streamline Icons - FREE PNG Icons Cosmos - FREE PSD Icons marysrosaries - FREE Images (Religious) Irish Clip Art Archive - FREE Clipart (Raster) Dictionary Images -FREE Public Domain Images and Illustrations from Dictionary Logo Design Web - FREE Public Domain Images PDClipart - FREE Clipart (Raster) Antique Clipart - FREE Antique Clipart (Raster) WPClipart - FREE Images & Clipart FREE Vectors Only
    Open Peeps - FREE Hand-drawn Vector Library  Isometric - FREE Isometric Vectors Illustrations - FREE Kit with 100 Vectors DrawKit - FREE Vectors unDraw - FREE Vectors Lukaszadam - FREE Vectors Open Doodles - FREE Vectors Woobro - FREE Vectors Free Vector - FREE Vectors Glaze - FREE Vectors manypixels - FREE Vectors Free Vector Maps - FREE Vectors Fresh Folk - FREE Vector Library with People & Objects Illustrations Humaaans - FREE Vector Library with People Illustrations Openclipart - FREE Vector Cliparts FREESVG - FREE Vectors SVG SILH - FREE Vector Icons SVG Repo - FREE Vectors Peechey - FREE Vectors Desket - FREE Random Vector Icons Sketch App Resources - FREE Sketch Resources Nicu's Clipart Collection - FREE Vectors ikonate - FREE Customizable Vector Icons FREE Mockups, Placeholders, Icons etc
    uiprint - FREE Printable Wireframes, Mockup and Sketchpads uilogos - FREE Logo Placeholders iconmonstr - FREE Icons lstore graphics - FREE Mockups Mockup Club - FREE Mockups Thread - FREE 3D Mockups Generator 365psd - FREE PSDs Creative Tim - FREE Web Templates & Themes Email Monster - FREE Email Templates Design DB - FREE Templates FREE One Page Web Templates UIUX Repo - FREE UI and graphic design resources for Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Xd and Figma FREE Videos Only
    Mazwai - FREE Videos Coverr - FREE Videos Distill - FREE Videos Life of Vids - FREE Videos Vids Play - FREE Videos Dareful - FREE Videos Clipstill - FREE Cinemagraphs Motion Elements - FREE Stock Footage FREE Music & Sound FX
    Free Music Archive - FREE Music Incomptech - FREE Music m-operator - FREE Music Purple Planet - FREE Music Free Stock Music - FREE Music Fesliyan Studios - FREE Music & Sound Effects The Motion Monkey - FREE 300 Retro Game Sound Effects Free SFX - FREE Sound Effects FREE Fonts Only
    League of Movable Type - FREE Fonts Font Library - FREE Fonts FONT Repo - FREE Fonts Also, check these threads: 
    Public Domain Pictures  Free Vector and Photo Resources Free fonts Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts List will be updated as I discover more!
    Last Update: Feb 03, 2022
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    yakk reacted to Colin B in Canon 77D RAW issues. Where's all the colour gone?   
    Hi All, Thanks for all your responses.   I went back to the camera and decided to look at what I could do with the settings to try and address the issues.  So Ive switched the camera into ADOBE RGB and the colours are now showing up when I import them into Affinity.   I will have to wait for another sunset to see if I can edit them more easily.
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    yakk reacted to st87 in looking for cropping restrictions   
    Oh yeh, that works for me too...
    Thanks yakk! 
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    yakk got a reaction from st87 in looking for cropping restrictions   
    Hi st87
    If snapping is active, you'll have a little attraction on the edges while moving your cropping frame.
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    yakk got a reaction from YURII in Solid Colour Layer   
    Hi Yurii
    Create a pixel layer and fill it with the bucket.
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    yakk reacted to GMPhotography in Open source Eagle Nebula data from Hubble Heritage   
    Here is another practice edit of some more Hubble telescope data. Learning! Affinity Photo handles this type of work supremely well! Very similar edit to my post about the Bubble Nebula except this time the Hubble team imaged Ha (Green), SII (Red) and OIII (Blue)  instead of Ha, NII, and OIII as in the Bubble Nebula.
    It was also more difficult to get looking like their edit, and required me adding a layer of Blue Ha, selectively erasing it and lowering it's opacity, as well as adding a layer of green SII.
    I used FITS liberator to stretch and convert the FITS data to .tiff for each of the three filter tpes (2 times for each, one strong stretch to bring out faint details, one weak stretch to keep highlight details) edited the 2 sets individually, brought them together and used the blend range tool to blend the two. Selective denoise, and a little more colour work in LR.

    EagleMyEdit by Greg Murray, on Flickr
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    yakk reacted to littledetails in Enhancements to Blend Ranges   
    Affinity Photo includes an awesome "Blend Ranges" feature that I use to accomplish exposure blending with my photographs. It takes a little practice, but this tool is more flexible than Photoshop's "Blend If" sliders (because it supports customizable and non-linear luminosity feathering), and more efficient than Luminosity masks (smaller file size).
    I would love to see the efficiency of this feature further improved by the addition of presets within the blend ranges panel to create common blending curves, which would save me the trouble of frequently recreating similar curves over and over again. Presets such as "highlights only", "midtones only", "shadows only" or combinations of these would be a real time saver. It would also be great to see the histograms of the current layer, and composite histogram of the layers below, drawn behind the respective curve graphs in this panel. Without histograms it's hard to visualize how the luminosity information is distributed across the current layer and the layers below, and creating the blend curves becomes a bit more of a trial-and-error process to find the right spots in the X-axis to start or end your curve.
    Photoshop users have plugins like Raya Pro and Lumenzia that make exposure blending easier, although they suffer from poor UI and other issues. It would be great if Affinity Photo put some more effort into fleshing out the Blend Ranges feature for photographers who want to do manual exposure blending.
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    yakk got a reaction from DianaB in Vignette Filter not working?   
    The layers nesting new video tutorial explains that perfectly  ;)
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    yakk got a reaction from John Rostron in Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.   
    It's working !  :)
    Follow strictly the procedure explained in this video if, like me, you install for the first time the Nik collection and you don't have any Adobe product on your Mac.
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    yakk got a reaction from MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.5.2 - Beta 4)   
    I'm a bit late but congrats Matt !  :)
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    yakk got a reaction from MJSfoto1956 in Why not Merge - Designer / Photo   
    AI+PS subscription = 48€/month.
    Even at 100€ each, you start saving money after 4 months. Still a bargain.
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    yakk got a reaction from bodobe in Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 ♡   
    Impressive ! Well done
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    yakk got a reaction from Andrewhaigphotography in Retouching tutorials?   
    You should give a look to the the post from James, Photo FAQ with tutorials.
    You have a Vimeo channel for Affinity products with a lot of simple or more advanced tutorials.
    In your case, you have in particular Frequency separation and a speed retouching session.
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    yakk got a reaction from MattP in Affinity - meet the team   
    Hey guys
    Great to read this and I cannot express how much I agree with what R C-R said earlier.
    You make a really great job and it's a pleasure to be part of the journey of scratching the monopoly of the A products. 
    But even if there still a lot to do, this forum and the direct link to the devs and the great help provided by the mods, Miguel at the first place of course, is definitely what gives confidence in using your apps now and for the future.
    <send message>By the way, can't wait to beta test the DAM  ;)  ;)  ;) </send message>
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    yakk reacted to R C-R in Affinity - meet the team   
    Just to add a tiny bit to what MBd already said for newcomers here: if you have used other software makers' support sites for help with their products, prepare to be blown away by how much better the support you can get here from the Affinity team is than anything else you likely have seen from anybody else.
    Here, you won't find any of those annoying scripted "boilerplate" answers that are not relevant to whatever you ask about & make you wonder about the support person's reading comprehension skills.
    This is support done right!
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    yakk got a reaction from Alfred in Why not Merge - Designer / Photo   
    I see your point marsofearth, mainly the convergence between different computer graphic technics.
    But I have to say Serif's choice suits me better.
    About mixing vector and raster technics, I didn't have time to use AD enough but it seems that you have some nice pixel mode tools.
    And aitte is right about different things like having different cheaper apps to let people choose one or two (and three in the near future) apps depending on their needs.
    For me, the essential in that choice is to keep those applications as light and powerful as possible in their respective domains but still, having an efficient bridge between the two if you need it. I don't want an app doing 3 millions different things if the price to pay (beside $/€) is to have a 5Go application taking ages to load and do something.
    And of course being competitive with Adobe equivalent but without the subscription.
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    yakk got a reaction from ronniemcbride in Why not Merge - Designer / Photo   
    AI+PS subscription = 48€/month.
    Even at 100€ each, you start saving money after 4 months. Still a bargain.
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    yakk got a reaction from retrograde in NEW Affinity Designer tutorial (Cowboy Dog character beer label)   
    Great work Kevin, congrats !
    All the steps about lights & shadows are just awesome. Thanks for all the work and sharing. I keep the link  :)
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    yakk got a reaction from Mr. Doodlezz in Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.   
    Hi Dennis
    I had the exact same problem but I found a video explaining how to proceed. The declaration in AP seems to be very sensitive to the paths.
    I hope it will fix the problem for you too.
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    yakk got a reaction from justwilliam in Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.   
    It's working !  :)
    Follow strictly the procedure explained in this video if, like me, you install for the first time the Nik collection and you don't have any Adobe product on your Mac.
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    yakk reacted to boriscargo in bOrd de mer   
    thanks to the Affinity Team!!


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    yakk got a reaction from cjp in Workflow, from LR+PS to Affinity Photo?   
    Photos is not as bad as we can read about it sometimes so it's definitely an option to consider, because it's free and completely integrated to the OS.
    I just think the interface of iPhotos was easier.
    If I don't want to use it anymore it's because I would take the occasion of leaving Aperture to also leave the concept of a closed library containing the photos. And few other things too.
    But it's still a great application and it does the job pretty well.
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    yakk reacted to My Strawberry Monkey in Workflow, from LR+PS to Affinity Photo?   
    Thanks, yep you can...

    Just make sure you deselect the box to add to sidebar...
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    yakk got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in Workflow, from LR+PS to Affinity Photo?   
    As I said, your video is very interesting and I'll reuse the trick of defining new keyboard shortcuts for sure ! Very good idea  ;)
    While looking for a solution, I also tried the smart folders in the Finder. May be you could correct me but it seems that you cannot define them in a specific directory, they are associated to the left bar of the Finder.
    I would have prefer to be able to define them only for my photos in the Pictures folder of my home directory.
    Your ideas can definitely be very useful in some situation though.
    You know what to do now, call them every month to get a "new" free month until Affinity release a DAM  :P
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    yakk got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in Workflow, from LR+PS to Affinity Photo?   
    Hi cjp
    Yes, Affinity Photo can totally replace PS.
    Unfortunately, concerning the catalog part, it's more complicated.
    I watched Allan's video and I must say it's a smart way of using standard OS X features.
    But if you're looking for keywords, exif edition, smart collections, etc... well...
    I've been looking through the different solutions available on OS X, standalone, and nothing is really great I have to say.
    In my case, I want to replace Aperture which was just great, but with no future.
    I gave a try to Darktable, Media Pro, Lyn, Emulsion, XnView, Picassa, Photo Mechanic, and even Apple Photos but there's always something missing.
    You might find one that suits your needs though and the good thing is all these applications have a demo version. So see by yourself.
    For me, the closest to what I'm looking for is probably Media Pro but even if Phase One released a beta version 1.6 recently, its future is not clear.
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