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I can't figure out why the Vignette filter (live) is actually not doing anything at some photos.


Here is an example where just nothing happens when i fiddle around with the sliders. 


In another photo the vignette filter is working just fine. 


What am i possibly overlooking here?


newbie on Affinity Photo

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Hi peterbak,


make sure you select the right layer before applying the vignette filter … when you have e.g. an adjustment layer selected, you won’t note any difference when applying the filter to that layer. As far as I see from your screen shot, you have no layer selected at all …


Cheers, Alex  :)

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Many thanks! 


I played around a bit with selecting and de-selecting layers, thanks to the video tutorial. I am now able to add the live filter.


I still do not understand the layer nesting - thing i guess, but for now i know what it was i overlooked!  :)

newbie on Affinity Photo

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I have to say, I had to play with the layers a bit to make the difference between them. But with the video, it's now pretty clear (I hope !  :rolleyes: )


When you start to have a big stack of layers, you have to check the icon on them, it will tell you if it's a pixel one, an adjustment or a live filter.

Be careful too when you apply a filter, which layer is selected. Actually, whatever you do, have a look first on the selected layer  ;)

OS X 10.12 - AP 1.6.6 - AD 1.6

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