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  1. Thank you @markw for your setup-guide for using Affinity Photo as an editor, right from iPhoto! Now i don't have to manually import and export files anymore! :)
  2. Many thanks! I played around a bit with selecting and de-selecting layers, thanks to the video tutorial. I am now able to add the live filter. I still do not understand the layer nesting - thing i guess, but for now i know what it was i overlooked! :)
  3. I can't figure out why the Vignette filter (live) is actually not doing anything at some photos. Here is an example where just nothing happens when i fiddle around with the sliders. In another photo the vignette filter is working just fine. What am i possibly overlooking here?
  4. I also struggle with this problem. When i follow the video, @1:41 begins the painting-in but nothing is happening at my photo. I already found out that is have to select an area first, but still nothing happening (no spots disappear) I will try to follow the tutorial video again with another photo and watch the vid @manuschwendener.ch is referring to.
  5. I feel the same. I think Affinity is the best software i purchased since long and i do want to try and learn to work with this program. But i am also a very beginner - have never worked with PS or some kind. And i get stuck a lot of times trying to follow the tutorials... :o and i can't always figure out what i am missing out exactly. So my tactic is to follow all the tutorials and try to reproduce them. What happens most of the time is that even if i follow the steps very closely, the magic happening in the tut vid's do not happen on my photo :( . For instance, i am now trying to reproduce the Frequency Separation tutorial with a photo of my own. Around 1:50 in the video the healing brush is used, in the low frequency filter. The spots i see on the skin of the person on my photo just don't go away?! I even don't see anything happening. No spot is being removed, no change at all.... My question is: can i download the used photos in the tutorials to use those to try to reproduce the tutorials. So i know the problem is not that i am using an inadequate photo? :) Any ideas to enhance my beginners tactic? :rolleyes:

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