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  1. billtils

    Is there a current beta?

  2. billtils

    Focus Merge Failure

    Mike Some of my more successful focus merge results have come from 5 or fewer images. Did you try this with a range that goes from one just in focus at the front of the object of interest to one just in focus at the rear of the target, with one in the middle and one between the middle and the two extremes?. It may be that AP's algorithm needs something to define the start and end? Bill
  3. billtils

    Camera Raw

    Verlie Why not open directly in AP to develop the RAW file then export to the Pictures folder? It's an Apple issue - Nikon (or any other camera maker) can't edit the Photos software. In answer to your question on file management, I use Capture One Pro to develop, edit, tag, and file my images. I changed form Aperture a long time ago and it was easy and reliable provide that I did not try to import the whole library at once, but broke it into smaller tasks. According to their literature you should be able to do the same with Adobe Lightroom. That option did not work too well for me but there are free trial versions of Capture One and Lightroom, so nothing to lose by trying. Just remember to back up first!
  4. Papapeo, I no longer use Aperture but as far as I can recall what MEB suggests will work for you. You can also access the folder that you create by going View > Media Browser (or Shift+CMD+M)
  5. billtils

    using Photo with Aperture 3

    I use Capture One Pro for RAW development, editing and library management. Importing my Aperture library was easy and worked well (at least in regard to my needs - I have a slight recollection of reading that some Aperture features did not transfer). The thing that made the library transfer work was not to import the whole library in one go, but to do it album by album. I downloaded and checked out the free trial version of LR (twice), didn't much like how it worked in general and had major fails with attempts at library importing. I only use Apple's cloud for iPhone and iPad backups. I did use Photos briefly (setting it up for my daughter) - it looks OK but not even close to Capture One, but then it's free ...
  6. billtils

    using Photo with Aperture 3

    I think that post #8 above answers your question. It appears that the current MacOS still supports Aperture, but how long that will last is anyone's guess ... (I somewhat reluctantly dumped Aperture nearly 2 years ago but have no regrets).
  7. billtils

    using Photo with Aperture 3

    I'm sure that is a large part of it. It also seems that they are being driven by the "app model" and have concluded that there are lots of very good Mac-compatible photo editing and library programs out there so there is not a lot of value in devoting resources to maintaining Aperture. Affinity's work on making AP work with Photos is an example ... Apple need a good native photo editor for their iThings and companies like Serif/Affinity are making money for themselves and Apple by developing upscale editors for it and selling them on the App store.
  8. billtils

    using Photo with Aperture 3

    Yes, you can call it as an external editor. Like quite a few here I am a refugee from Apple's decision to cease supporting Aperture, and haven't used it in over a year now, but back in the day the round trip to/from AP worked very smoothly. I don't see why that should change; I was more concerned about Apple eventually coming up with a version of OS-X that would not support Aperture and Sierra has done nothing to change my mind on that.
  9. billtils

    Print Persona

    Gary, what is it that you want to do but can't? If it's printer set-up, take a look at the printfab driver available from Zedonet.
  10. billtils

    Affinity as "plugin" in Capture One

    Peter, what happens if you do the round trip with an image from the 6D?
  11. billtils

    Affinity as "plugin" in Capture One

    Now that's really strange, Peter. Since the others who use the C1-AP combo and who have posted here do not see any difference, the logical conclusion is that the root cause must lie somewhere in your system/workflow. Have you followed up on the suggestion of using a 30-day trial version of CaptureOne 10? Out of interest, what camera are you using?
  12. billtils

    Affinity as "plugin" in Capture One

    Peter, Pedro may have a point with the comment on colour profiles; make sure your monitor, AP (set in Preferences), and C1's "Edit with" drop down are all set to the same one.
  13. billtils

    Affinity as "plugin" in Capture One

    @pkr, this seems strange. Like Mike and Pedro, I use AP as an external editor, calling it from C1 (especially for cloning which is possible the weakest area of Capture One) and have never experienced any brightness differences either with NEF files (the most usual starting point for me) or jpegs. Out of interest, why don't you clean up the dust with the C1 tool - I find it works very well?
  14. billtils

    Photo can't open raw files from SD card

    Don't know but it's certainly not at all expected ... Have you tried any debugging such as saving the card to a file and trying "Open with" for any of the images?
  15. billtils

    Good Method of saving back to Capture One?

    You're welcome anonymoustache; glad to help and glad it worked.