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  1. I printed the same image on my Canon Pro 100S and Epson XP-960. When sending to the Canon I got what you see in the first screen shot (check box for Black and White Photo Print) and a somewhat different one when sending to the Epson. The Canon needed a click on the Quality and Media dropdown and the Epson a click on the Range and Scale opened a dropdown with an option for Black & White. Although different, each produced an accetable result.
  2. No worries Walt - I had already counted you out 😀, but did wonder if you could point me to someone in the Affinity teams for advice on what the "Black and White Photo Print" actually does. For various reasons I'm not going to be able to do the obvious thing (try it and see what happens) for about another week.
  3. Walt, I have that problem too - I cannot get a screen that looks like that but do get this: Does checking the "Black and White Photo Print" option have the same effect as those in your example? If (as is perfectly reasonable) your answer is tha same as it was to Pubcrawler, is there any way we can get the issue addressed by someone in AP? Bill
  4. Thanks Callum Yes it did. If I knew how to post an emoji for "blushing with shame" I would. Bill
  5. During an editing session, the behaviour of the crop tool changed - I was unable to save a crop. It looks like the context toolbar has gone AWOL. I tried the CTRL + Launch but didn't fix it.
  6. MEB responded on 21st July 2020 that this is being looked into ... any solution? I don't normally print from AP but this article made me rethink. However, none of my paper icc profles show in the soft proofing routine. They are indeed all present where they should be in ColorSync and work perfectly well when soft proofing from CaptureOne Pro.
  7. How can I add a black keyline (about 5px) to a photo in AP? Thanks
  8. Patrick, Many thanks for this response. I suspect that the pre-launch beta phase involvement may be the problem as, if my memory serves me correctly (which it may not - it was more than 5 years ago) the beta test group got a big "thank you" from Affinity in the form of a free upgrade from the GM to the official release, and that is why there is no record of a purchase in my AP account. I am certain that the MAS search is correct in that one thing I do recall is advising friends to buy direct from Affinity because of the free trial period. That leaves the question of why the history of upgrades that has come to a halt? Perhaps the auto-upgrade is only active for consecutive versions? One complicating issue is that I had a severe disc corruption about 18 months ago and have not been able to rebuild a complete version history. I'll keep exploring but if all else fails will just buy the current release when the trial period ends.
  9. Thanks Will - yes your are correct. I was able to check purchases back to 2011 and AP is not amongt them which confirms my belief that it was a direct purchase from Affinity. Trouble is it doesn't show when I log to my account there.
  10. Walt, trouble is my Apple ID is the same but not the password and I don't have a record of it that far back.
  11. (Sorry - the "I did" is in reply to walt). Bruce - the nuclear option looks more attractive by the day. I've got 13 days left on my free trial so may try some conventional warfare first.
  12. Tried all that. Updates/Reload Page is inactive and 1.7 has no update activity either automatically on opening or through a menu link.
  13. I was an early adopter of AP and an active participant in the User Forum (ID billtils) but for reasons that were not directly related to the program have not used it since 1.7 Things have changed (including my computers) and all attempts to update to 1.8 have failed - the MAS doesn't recognise me and there is no autoupdate option when I open 1,7. I have downloaded 1.8 but it requires a key and I can't find it and all attempts to resolve this from the user forum have failed. I have been able to login to the user forum (as billtils) and to my Affinity account (billtils@mac.com) but AP itself does not show up in the downloads history. Can you please tell me what to do! Thanks
  14. I'm not complaining about or criticising what Serif have done in the last 3 or 4 years, with AP or with the other lines, but I would have been happier if they had just said when this was first discussed that a DAM was of interest but not a priority. The moment has passed.
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