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  1. Hi MEB, I am using iOS 11 public beta on my iPhone
  2. The attached photo I took from iPhone 7 plus
  3. Yes, iCloud sync from all my devices (iPhone, iPad, Macbook) Optimise iPad Storage is my current option. Now I try to change to "Download and Keep Originals", redownload from iCloud and test again. Regards
  4. Me too iPad Pro 10.3.3 Photo shooted by iPhone 7 plus Affinity Photo 1.6.3 Crashed when Import From Photos
  5. Hi Affinity, I can add description into my photos through EXIF panel but cannot add copyright/author information. How can I do it in Affinity Photo? BTW, latest verion from MAS (1.3.5)
  6. Hi Lee, My system: - Macbook Pro (Retina 13" early 2015) - OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 Where is apps temp directory? I've tried to reinstall Affinity from Mac AppStore but it still not fixed. Thanks
  7. Hi Affinity, One week passed but... Did you forget my post or need something else?
  8. Hi, Found the problem. Its happend when I restart my Mac (Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch early 2015), the downloaded samples ís gone. I had to download the samples again and again. Thanks
  9. I downloaded the example for offline viewing (Photo and Designer), but whenever open the app, I had to download it again. Please guide how to avoid it? Thanks. BTW, I like both of theme so much. It's cheap and powerful!
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