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  1. Unfortunately, I have deleted all these no data files that were previously edited with AP via Aperture. I have late 2010 1TB iMac 27 without thunderbolt. All files stored on same drive.....most annoying was sudden all black no-data file on some of pics previously edited with AP. Note: I have not even used AP for the past few months other then just the normal updates via Apple! Have already done NVRAM resets, but still cannot get back the data. ANY ONE HAVING SAME SIMILAR PROBLEMS? HOW TO RESTORE THESE BLACK NO-DATA FILES?
  2. Some of the pics previously edited with Affinity Photo now all of a sudden cannot be viewed .... whole file is just black! This had been a problem several months back and now it is doing the same thing again. Note: I have not even touched AP for the past few months other than install updates from apple. AFFINITY PHOTO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
  3. After all this time, Affinity Photo is still mixed with Affinity Designer in the forums. Why can't we just have forums solely for Affinity Photos only!
  4. Have not used AP for quite some time because it was just too buggy! Recently, updated to 1.5.1 and tried editing a jpg image for export as jpg and found it to take at least 3-4 minutes for it to process. A major disappointment for this software with high claims!
  5. Will I be able to view the black unsupported files after updating to 1.5? Have over 40 pic files edited with AP that are now black unsupported and cannot be viewed...certainly do not want to loose all these edited pics!
  6. I have stopped using AP as photo editor as it is slow and often times crashes. Hopefully they will have a fix for all the bugs with new release of 1.5 soon !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. All tiff files roundtrip from Aperture/edited with AP/returned back to Aperture are now black unsupported files. Does it mean they are all lost and cannot be recovered? Very Annoying!!!!
  8. 8 RGB 1998 tiff and return. Should I be using PSD? Some of the file sizes are from iPhone 5...already quick enhanced in Aperture and send to AP for noise reduction & minor edits. When saved and flattened, it takes a while to return back to Aperture. There is no progression status bar other than just checking Aperture....sometimes it returns & often times it has crashed w/info sent to Apple. All edits had to be redone ... very annoying.
  9. Tried to re-edit a few pics from Aperture 3.6 with Affinity Photo 1.4.2. Still slow in loading and crashes often when saving back to Aperture. Guess this is not much of an update then?
  10. I have the same problem too. Very frustrating working with this AP. Will only get back to this AP when there is a new, better update!
  11. iMac 27 end 2010 OS X 10.11.4 AP 1.4.1 2.8 GHZ Intel Core i5 External Editor AP Tiff 16bit 300DPI Adobe RGB 1998 Crashes most of the time whilst using selective brush with hair refine & colour fill. Since the 1.4.1, AP very slow to start up. Aperture quick enhanced raw looks much more balanced than AP raw develop. Also, AP raw develop cannot compare with Capture one too.
  12. Hair refining seems to create halo effect on dark backgrounds and often times just quits all of a sudden. Each time, a crash report pops up and has been sent to Apple. Gets to be quite annoying! Also very slow to start up.
  13. Using Tiff file @ 16bit RGB creates a huge file size. I am storing picture files for viewing on screen only and not for printing. Jpegs tend to loose resolution after each edit or save. The file size is much smaller! Any suggestions on how to obtain best minimum file size for storage and viewing without loosing resolution? Currently using AP as external editor in Aperture. When using AP in Aperture, it copies & increases the file size of the selected pic for edit in AP and saves back to Aperture after flatten/save. Thanks, Chris :(
  14. I am from Aperture too! AP is definitely a very strong photo editing software with a very high learning curve...quite intimidating for those with no layer experience! Certainly look forward to some detailed step by step tutorial from raw to final save or export with sample photo. Thanks, Chris
  15. Hi Andy, Each time Ap crashed, a report was sent to Apple or AP? Never bothered to recover the crashed images. Will test it out more after few weeks, when either EI Capitan or AP is more stabilized. The extensions do work in Apple Photos. Haze removal does wonders to Landscape pics. Only problem encountered was when in develop, noise reduction to image when applied do not seem to save. Regards, Chris Chris Chris
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