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  1. UPDATE: I figured out some of this. Apparently for those of use who are accustomed to right-clicking on everything, that won't work. But I had some manual guides on the page and I reopened the Guide Manager, and was able to click the values and change them to what I wanted, so that will work. I still don't know how to see the bleed marks though. This was my original question: Where exactly do you "enter the values for the guides," because I can't find that at all. I get one option each for horizontal and vertical and that is dead center. I can add as many as I want but they are all either 5.5 or 4.25. So, what is up with that? Also, I added bleed to my document, but it is also not visible in the form of guides, as you might see in say Illustrator. I am trying out the trial version, and would buy this in a heart beat, but only if it really does most of what I need it to - and I like precise placement of my guides, so.....
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