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  1. Hello, this is a totally cringeworthy question for the ones who know the answer. I've made a logo in Affinity designer, I used curves and the design is good as it is (just copying the old design), but I wonder how the thickness of the curves can follow the size of the logo when I resize it. I feel like there's something fundamental in how to use curves I've missed. In the first picture the logo is as it should be. I would like the curves to change thickness when I resize the logo. What am I missing?
  2. Thank you! Will try that tomorrow! I'm not at all educated at all regarding design in any matter. I'm just a amateur photographer. That's why all input is appreciated :) I don't like the edge either. Do you, or anyone else, know how to make the more smooth? And I'm sorry for the broken English.
  3. Everything is welcome as to what can make it better :) I'm just spitballing...
  4. It might to towards segregation of the community but I think it would be helpful to have separate forums för sharing your work to. I, as a photographer, would like fokus on how to develop the best picture. I'm really amazed of the stunning work everyone does in AD but I can't really give any input to those topics. Just an idea :)
  5. I'm Christian from Sweden born early 1980:s! Currently I'm switching from LR+PS to Affinity Photo. An enthusiast photographer. Working from my couch with my TV as a screen to a MacBook Pro. Using the Magic Trackpad and it works like magic in Affinity. It's always hard to switch workflow but so far the switch isn't as hard as I thought! Affinity Photo was easy getting use to. I love the search-function. Nice to "meet" you all!
  6. Just installed and tried out Affinity Photo. It's new things to learn but I really like that you can jump between "PS" and "LR". It's all in one program. I'm happy with it so far! I don't miss anything yet. Let's hope the spring hurries up so that I can try the program with new pictures! The one I've tested with: https://500px.com/photo/144764489/snowy-morning-by-christian-jangvik And I have to say that I'm really impressed of I've seen here in the share-section. This isn't my best photo by far but I hope someone finds it interesting! Why I chose this one is because I know what and how I did in LR and it was easier to compare program to program.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm temporarily a dumb one but I can't get the quotes to work. @yakk, I will watch the video tonight for sure. I'm not one who tags my photos with keywords. I just want to create some structure :) I was in contact with Adobe a couple of minutes ago about cancelation. The one year plans might be cheep but it's a commitment for sure. I got a month free so I guess dropping the name "Affinity" is powerful! Thank you for all the tips! I'm eager to get off work and try this out. Edit, question, I'm a photographer but I guess it's ok to share those to in the correct forum? I didn't see any photos, only illustrations (great ones).
  8. You seem to have been working exactly as me, great! And thanks for your fast answer! I understand. Personas actually seems better in my eyes than having LR and PS separated. I'm going to read up on it more but when I took a quick glance it seemed about the same as LR. Before I started using Adobe CC I always copied my photos "manually". It's certainly not a deal breaker that Affinity doesn't offer a similar solution today. If the team behind Affinity comes up with a solution for it, especially implemented as a "persona", it's a big plus. Thank you again! I will try it out this evening after work. I just sent after a Trial-link. Can't wait to snap some pictures and try it out :)
  9. Hello! I just this morning got a tip from some site about Affinity Photo. I'm tired of paying for the subscription I'm currently have with LR and PS CC. I'm importing and fixing the most of my pictures in LR. Some of them, portraits for example, I also edit in PS. LR is easy and fast but I'm feeling that I'm not using it enough to pay the subscription fees. I can buy two Affinity Photo for the same money as a year of LR + PS. Is there anyone who made the switch who had the same workflow as me? Is Affinity a good replacement if I use LR? Any tips for a good way of cataloguing my photos as LR?
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