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How to START in Affinity?

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Bought the $45 book and it starts by saying " the projects in this book assume you have a working knowledge of the interface" and continues to the next page, (nine), Master the Core Skills headline and first sentence is " ...also assume you have mastered the core skills..." etc and refers to page 85. 

"assume, assume..." Please, do not assume, the who organized the book. Or make it clear it is not the book for which to get started.


This is illogical, frustrating and confusing to me. I would expect a crawl, walk, run sequence, but, no, the developers "assume" too blanking much to provide a one, two three approach. I am an absolute beginner in Affinity, Aperture was sent out to sea and I am still clinging to it.


Understood, there are many Affinity videos which get good reviews, but, again, the index of the topics listed as the first topic here show different places to start, thus my request, which I feel needs to be addressed by the organizers: Please show me the most basic introductory video, (since the book investment is wasted until I am up to speed), then the next, and the one following and let me skip the ones I may know. 

Is there not a numbering system for the videos when one starts? Then, later, I can certainly understand going into more depth with the various tools, but it seems that the folks are so well advanced that they do not understand or put much effort into the very basic beginning steps.

So, is there an index of sorts, a Start Here, then Next Step, etc. in the videos? Is there a Beginning I, II, III system or something which I can use as a basis for starting the tutorials?



PS is there a way to see the Affinity users in my area to maybe contact them and get together to learn/teach?

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Hi, SF Charter Boat,


The important term to notice is "projects." Before one starts following the how-tos of the projects, on must read and understand the 2 chapters, UI and core skills. Its not illogical. But it does suppose one knows the book is a series of practical exercises.


A sentence like "This book presents a series of practical examples of the softwares use and capabilities. You will need to have read the chapters on user interface and core skills before following the examples." The knowledge of these items is a general prerequisite of any software use.

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Hi SF Charter Boat,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There's also a Beginners series in the Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials thread that you may want to take a look as a complement.

Here's the videos from the Beginners series.


Beginners Series

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19 hours ago, SF Charter Boat said:

" the projects in this book assume you have a working knowledge of the interface"

Hello Stuart,
and this is described up to page 83. (Program interface, modules and tools)
I think the book has a logical concept, even my wife works with Affinity Photo,
since we have the workbook. She would never have done that without this book :D;)

Affinity Photo is not the first program of its kind.
There are photo editing programs, as long as there are digital cameras.
and all programs work on a similar principle and similar tools.
Just start with a photo, but please only with a copy of the photo.
If your own Worflow stumbles, you can always ask this forum.
My questions have always been answered

Affinity Photo has a very good help.

Best Regards

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Affinity Publisher Publisher-Beta    

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Drippy cat: got the book now, and already via Udemy 2 video courses. That is really helpfull, you are a good teacher. I am struggling as wel to get it. Before I worked with PS, and masking is little different in Affinity. Also, some video's James is doing are for much more advanced or proffesional users. Out of my league. But some are really, really good. he also has a pleasent voice to listen to and learn from.

Happy greetings, Yolanda

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@Yolanda - It is difficult at first. The trick is to do a little bit and often. Get comfortable with one or two basic tools then move on to some more and get comfortable with them & so on. I think people have problems when they try to get through a complete course without practicing anything they learn. So by the time they've got to the later stages they've forgotten the basics. It can be done! Little steps, and good luck.



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  • 1 month later...

OK, back to photo editing, involved in other parts of my life, now to, hopefully, feel confident to start the process. 

BUT, probably because of my end, I do not understand, though others have participated on this very helpful forum, what I feel to be a basic question. Was at the Apple store today, downloading my photos from my iPhone. I also have downloaded in Aperture RAW photos. Affinity apparently does not do this, and I am wondering what I am missing and/or if I should try another editing app?


My understanding is if I shoot in RAW I have maybe five stops latitude on either side. 

Do I lose this extended range when I start using Affinity? Am I losing any potential information which can be used when I start the adjustment process in AF? If so, why use AF?

Or, why shoot in RAW if I use Affinity? I do it because my understanding is RAW give me more information to adjust.

Can someone please give a simple, clear explanation to my apparently limited understanding?



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