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  1. Hello. Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing download stopping for the latest Beta? I've double checked Internet connection, disabled Firewall and Internet Security and still all my attempts at downloading latest Beta result in stopping after the first 20 - 40 Mb have downloaded. Any suggestions, please?
  2. Hello, Chris_K and thanks for your reassurance! Just for the sake of trying, I exported a set of adjustments as a .3dl file and it worked perfectly. I tried with a few others and they are all exactly as intended. I've attached one in case it's any use... Thanks again. Autmn.3dl
  3. Hello. I'm wondering if - yet again - I'm doing something wrong. I've made some adjustments and saved as a LUT (Screen shot 'Adjustments applied'). When I copy and paste the adjustments to another photo, they are fine. When I load as a LUT, the resulting adjustment is nothing like what I thought I'd saved. The second screenshot 'LUT applied' shows the same image, with the original and saved adjustment layers disabledm, and the LUT applied. I've referred to the LUT tutorial video and double checked that I'm not doing anything wrong, but I probably still am... Thanks in advance.
  4. I am SO sorry. I had no idea that installing to the same folder could cause such a problem... All the time and effort you and ChrisK have put into sorting this for me: I do feel such a twit. Thank you so very much
  5. Installed to a new folder 'Affinity Beta' in the programme files folder. Installed again without requesting product key. Just loaded Beta with a NEF file, adjusted, sent to Photo persona - all working fine so far. Attached is the successful install: Affinity Beta (1).zip Affinity_Beta_(1).zip
  6. Confirmed: .xml file emailed. Affinity still 'invalid...'. Product key not requested on installation of both Beta versions since purchase. Yes, it is installed in the same Programme Folder as Affinity Trial and Affinity purchased. Good Grief! Of course I can... Brain pain. Attached. I'm now going to uninstall the latest Beta, restart my computer, run the Beta .ex file and install to a different folder. I'll let you know if that makes any difference. If it does, I'll zip and send.
  7. Sorry, can't do rar - apparently my trial ran out years ago! Can I do zip, or do I have to pay for that...?
  8. Hello. Yes, I bought it online through the Affinity website. I have emailed file to you.
  9. OK, I've found it! Please ignore screen shot, which I added before I rooted around manually, having enable view hidden folders... How do I zip a folder? I can add to "1 (Betta) .rar" - is that the same thing? Sorry to be a dilly at computers, but I'm rather good at cooking!
  10. Um... I'm afraid you've lost me after 'Hi Lubiloo'... Sorry, but how do I get to %appdata etc...? I've tried to search...; Sorry
  11. Hello IanSG, and thank you for trying to help me out on this. I've reinstalled ACDSee (after my temper tantrum) and seem to be getting along with that so far. I've adjusted the preferences in XNView MP as you suggested and it is now displaying AP files. Thanks again. I'm going to give XNViewMP a thorough go now. I'm yet to work out the search thing, but I'll persist.
  12. Hello, I've just installed the latest Beta for Windows It installed smoothly but, like the previous Beta installation, did not require my entering my purchased product key. However, having crashed on first use adjusting curves in Develop persona, I restarted the Beta and received 'Invalid Product Key!' banner. This precludes access to Help menu, so I'm unable to enter a product key. Anyone else? Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Thanks, everyone, for your help and information. I've downloaded the free trials of both ACDSee and XNViewMP. Although my Keyword tags are visible in Windows Explorer and XNViewMP displays them in the IPTC and XMP tabs, I can't seem to find a way of either displaying or searching using my keywords, as selecting the Filter drop-down and 'Tagged file/s' gives a nil return. And the search binoculars on the menu bar throw me into complete disarray... And it doesn't want to play with Affinity Photo. Or at least, it won't display thumbnails or images of the AP files. I've uninstalled ACDSee... Seriously miffed and confused, but thanks anyway
  14. Hello, and I've just saved a 3D LUT to my desktop (following tutorial video instructions). On attempting to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>LUT adjustment>Load LUT... (from desktop) AP stops responding. It takes a few seconds and returns to the 'Load LUT...' dialogue box; seemingly stuck in a loop. The LUT adjustment indicates on the layer as having been applied to the image, but without any adjustments. I have made several attempts, but the last one caused the programme to crash. I do hope that this can be corrected. Many thanks, Red_Boost.cube
  15. Hello and thanks in advance. Well, I've done it! I've just uninstalled PS CS5, Adobe Bridge and Lightroom (which I never used 'cos I got easily confused...). Although neither my pre-subscription PS nor Bridge supported my camera (Nikon D7200) NEF RAW files and I had to import everything through adobe DNG converter, I did find Bridge really helpful in locating image files through tags and searches, and also it's 'loop' facility for culling on import. Soooo, I'm looking at ACDsee Photo Studio 20, on offer at $29.95. Does anyone in this wonderful community use it? It does support my camera RAW, but I see that it only supports afphoto as thumbnails. I don't see this as a problem - is it? Also, does it import existing keyword tags? I just need something for my several thousand images (all arranged by yyyy/mm/dd [Title] [tags]) to help out until Affinity releases a DAM... Please :) Many thanks