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  1. Hello, Michail I'm interested in knowing why putting a live filter on top of a pixel layer should not work with a blend mode? I often use 'Lighten' using the Live Lighting Filter for a subtle glow and then use the Live Filter inherent mask to control and target the effect. I'm glad to see (although not for you) that you replicated the 'Divide' blend mode issue yourself as I now know that it isn't me doing something wrong.
  2. I've just been following James Ritson's video on the new Divide Blend Mode. Worked wonderfully until I reached the Lighting Live Filter; Divide Blend Mode element. Screen shot to illustrate the issue. And I tried with and without hardware acceleration in Preferences. No other applications open except YouTube Windows 10 Home: processor Intel Core i7-8700; 16.0 GB; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  3. Hello again, Mark, GPU re-installed although no updates since last September. Installed Affinity 1.9... and the same aberrations occurred (as I said, they did not appear in 1.8...), so I unchecked Hardware Acceleration as you suggested. Perversely, the operation of focus stacking seemed to be quicker and worked perfectly with the source window remaining visible and populated throughout the process. I am yet to try other functions, but the crazy weird stuff seems to have gone. You might be able to explain to me why 1.9 isn't as tolerant as 1.8 and what, even, hardware acceleration is and why it makes what sort of difference... But I'd probably turn to drink and not understand a word! Many thanks, Lubiloo
  4. Hello, Mark, Firstly, my apologies for posting in the wrong thread. I was attracted by 'unstable' and dived in. I have uninstalled 1.9..... and reinstalled 1.8, which is working perfectly; developing neither aberrations nor random closing down of the programme. In answer to your question: GPU = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti updated 30/09/2020 but I can't find hardware acceleration, which I thought would be under Performance in preferences. I've copied this from the 'Events' tab on the GPU Properties: Device PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1C82&SUBSYS_86131043&REV_A1\4&25438c51&0&0008 requires further installation. I've no idea what it means, but it might be significant. I will uninstall and reinstall the NVIDIA, and try to reinstall Affinity Photo 1.9.... I'll update via this post. Thanks,
  5. Hello, Walt.Farrell. I did delete the entire contents of the Affinity folder prior to reinstallation of earlier version (fortunately I'd kept the original download) and that has worked fine. When 1.9.... is fixed, then I'll delete all first prior to installing the new, fixed, wonderfully stable version
  6. Hello, Venyer. I've uninstalled, run System Restore (Windows 10), Then uninstalled the stable earlier version and then reinstalled that into a new folder so that it won't be overwritten when they fix Having tried the focus stacking in the, it worked perfectly with no weird aberrations in the UI. I hope that they can sort it soon.
  7. Hello, Everyone, I don't know the first things about benchmarking but have found Affinity Photo to be extremely unstable. Shutting down in the middle of an uncomplicated document, particularly when resuming from having applied a NIK adjustment as a new layer. Also, on carrying out a focus stack image, the UI goes haywire. The Source window shows some images and thumbnails of digital noise, before the contents disappear. I've attached a screen shot and an image of exactly the same screen taken on my phone. I have done this because the screen shot - bizarrely - doesn't show the haywire UI, whereas the phone shot of the same screen does show the weird stuff going on. I'm going to uninstall and re-install the old version. Thanks for your time.
  8. Excited to see NIK collection 3, but miffed that there are issues (thanks MEB for the heads up) with Affinity Photo. I think I'll dig around and see if I can download 3 for a trial and report back.
  9. I downloaded LR for the trial period, just to play with the catalogue function. Trial ended and.... Drum roll... LR Library is still functional. Can't develop or use ACR, but I wasn't using them anyway. I've added Affinity Photo to the Edit with... and so far so good
  10. Hello, Not quite the same issue, but a question about specification for a Windows PC. My 10 year old desktop is giving up and constantly crashing, so I'm contemplating its replacement. What is a good specification that will run Affinity Photo with ease and speed. I've got a good monitor, so I'm thinking of a lap-top... Suggestions for spec and ideas on brand most welcome. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Gary, Fortunately, I retained the original free Google Nik collection .exe file as the DXO version (I downloaded for trial period) deleted my previous installed version of Nik Collection. So - although I'm not sure what a 'deep mole' is - I suspect that DXO is working to ensure that anyone who downloads for the trial period to test against the free version, is trapped into purchasing it, unless they have kept their original .exe file.
  12. Bums! Downloaded the trial with high hopes that it may have fixed the weird colour aberration thing in Viveza. Odd, because Viveza used to work fine inside Affinity Photo. Sadly, not the case now. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1, Intel i5 650 @ 3.20 GHZ, 16GB DDR3, 1024 MB GeForce GT 320. So I'm reluctant to buy unless any one has found that the new DXO Nik collection includes some 'must have; can't live without' thing... OR, if anyone has found a solution to the colour error. I'd be very grateful either way. Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone. I've just signed up for the course and am looking forward to getting started. Thanks so very much, drippy cat! And Happy Christmas to everyone.
  14. Hello. Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing download stopping for the latest Beta? I've double checked Internet connection, disabled Firewall and Internet Security and still all my attempts at downloading latest Beta result in stopping after the first 20 - 40 Mb have downloaded. Any suggestions, please?
  15. Hello, Chris_K and thanks for your reassurance! Just for the sake of trying, I exported a set of adjustments as a .3dl file and it worked perfectly. I tried with a few others and they are all exactly as intended. I've attached one in case it's any use... Thanks again. Autmn.3dl
  16. Hello. I'm wondering if - yet again - I'm doing something wrong. I've made some adjustments and saved as a LUT (Screen shot 'Adjustments applied'). When I copy and paste the adjustments to another photo, they are fine. When I load as a LUT, the resulting adjustment is nothing like what I thought I'd saved. The second screenshot 'LUT applied' shows the same image, with the original and saved adjustment layers disabledm, and the LUT applied. I've referred to the LUT tutorial video and double checked that I'm not doing anything wrong, but I probably still am... Thanks in advance.
  17. I am SO sorry. I had no idea that installing to the same folder could cause such a problem... All the time and effort you and ChrisK have put into sorting this for me: I do feel such a twit. Thank you so very much
  18. Installed to a new folder 'Affinity Beta' in the programme files folder. Installed again without requesting product key. Just loaded Beta with a NEF file, adjusted, sent to Photo persona - all working fine so far. Attached is the successful install: Affinity Beta (1).zip Affinity_Beta_(1).zip
  19. Confirmed: .xml file emailed. Affinity still 'invalid...'. Product key not requested on installation of both Beta versions since purchase. Yes, it is installed in the same Programme Folder as Affinity Trial and Affinity purchased. Good Grief! Of course I can... Brain pain. Attached. I'm now going to uninstall the latest Beta, restart my computer, run the Beta .ex file and install to a different folder. I'll let you know if that makes any difference. If it does, I'll zip and send. Affinity_Photo_Customer_Beta.zip
  20. Sorry, can't do rar - apparently my trial ran out years ago! Can I do zip, or do I have to pay for that...?
  21. Hello. Yes, I bought it online through the Affinity website. I have emailed file to you.
  22. OK, I've found it! Please ignore screen shot, which I added before I rooted around manually, having enable view hidden folders... How do I zip a folder? I can add to "1 (Betta) .rar" - is that the same thing? Sorry to be a dilly at computers, but I'm rather good at cooking!
  23. Um... I'm afraid you've lost me after 'Hi Lubiloo'... Sorry, but how do I get to %appdata etc...? I've tried to search...; Sorry
  24. Hello IanSG, and thank you for trying to help me out on this. I've reinstalled ACDSee (after my temper tantrum) and seem to be getting along with that so far. I've adjusted the preferences in XNView MP as you suggested and it is now displaying AP files. Thanks again. I'm going to give XNViewMP a thorough go now. I'm yet to work out the search thing, but I'll persist.
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