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    Image management/DAM

    I downloaded LR for the trial period, just to play with the catalogue function. Trial ended and.... Drum roll... LR Library is still functional. Can't develop or use ACR, but I wasn't using them anyway. I've added Affinity Photo to the Edit with... and so far so good
  2. Hello, Not quite the same issue, but a question about specification for a Windows PC. My 10 year old desktop is giving up and constantly crashing, so I'm contemplating its replacement. What is a good specification that will run Affinity Photo with ease and speed. I've got a good monitor, so I'm thinking of a lap-top... Suggestions for spec and ideas on brand most welcome. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Gary, Fortunately, I retained the original free Google Nik collection .exe file as the DXO version (I downloaded for trial period) deleted my previous installed version of Nik Collection. So - although I'm not sure what a 'deep mole' is - I suspect that DXO is working to ensure that anyone who downloads for the trial period to test against the free version, is trapped into purchasing it, unless they have kept their original .exe file.
  4. Bums! Downloaded the trial with high hopes that it may have fixed the weird colour aberration thing in Viveza. Odd, because Viveza used to work fine inside Affinity Photo. Sadly, not the case now. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1, Intel i5 650 @ 3.20 GHZ, 16GB DDR3, 1024 MB GeForce GT 320. So I'm reluctant to buy unless any one has found that the new DXO Nik collection includes some 'must have; can't live without' thing... OR, if anyone has found a solution to the colour error. I'd be very grateful either way. Thanks.
  5. Lubiloo

    Won’t launch

    Gosh! Thanks very, very much! That has worked perfectly.
  6. Lubiloo

    Won’t launch

    I've just updated my brand new iMac to High Sierra 10.13.3. I'm not certain that it's related, but Affinity Photo no longer works reliably. It either freezes on launch or freezes and closes on selecting Affinity>Preferences. AP had worked beautiful since installation and I had experienced no issues either installing or using the NIK plug ins. I needed to access Affinity>Preferences as NIK were no longer showing in Filters>Plugins. There are no photos on the HD (all on Western Digital 4TB EHD) and no indication on problems across the platform. Really miffed as this is a brand new Mac (my PC constantly crashes) and Affinity Photo is the only app installed so far. I have attached what I think is the error reporting log. I do hope that you can help. I now have Affinity Photo for PC (which seems to cause frequent crashes) and Affinity Photo for Mac - that seems to be doing the same thing. Many thanks in advance. iMac Error Log.spx
  7. Hi everyone. I've just signed up for the course and am looking forward to getting started. Thanks so very much, drippy cat! And Happy Christmas to everyone.
  8. Hello IanSG, and thank you for trying to help me out on this. I've reinstalled ACDSee (after my temper tantrum) and seem to be getting along with that so far. I've adjusted the preferences in XNView MP as you suggested and it is now displaying AP files. Thanks again. I'm going to give XNViewMP a thorough go now. I'm yet to work out the search thing, but I'll persist.
  9. Hello and thanks in advance. Well, I've done it! I've just uninstalled PS CS5, Adobe Bridge and Lightroom (which I never used 'cos I got easily confused...). Although neither my pre-subscription PS nor Bridge supported my camera (Nikon D7200) NEF RAW files and I had to import everything through adobe DNG converter, I did find Bridge really helpful in locating image files through tags and searches, and also it's 'loop' facility for culling on import. Soooo, I'm looking at ACDsee Photo Studio 20, on offer at $29.95. Does anyone in this wonderful community use it? It does support my camera RAW, but I see that it only supports afphoto as thumbnails. I don't see this as a problem - is it? Also, does it import existing keyword tags? I just need something for my several thousand images (all arranged by yyyy/mm/dd [Title] [tags]) to help out until Affinity releases a DAM... Please :) Many thanks
  10. Thanks, everyone, for your help and information. I've downloaded the free trials of both ACDSee and XNViewMP. Although my Keyword tags are visible in Windows Explorer and XNViewMP displays them in the IPTC and XMP tabs, I can't seem to find a way of either displaying or searching using my keywords, as selecting the Filter drop-down and 'Tagged file/s' gives a nil return. And the search binoculars on the menu bar throw me into complete disarray... And it doesn't want to play with Affinity Photo. Or at least, it won't display thumbnails or images of the AP files. I've uninstalled ACDSee... Seriously miffed and confused, but thanks anyway
  11. Hello, and I've just saved a 3D LUT to my desktop (following tutorial video instructions). On attempting to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>LUT adjustment>Load LUT... (from desktop) AP stops responding. It takes a few seconds and returns to the 'Load LUT...' dialogue box; seemingly stuck in a loop. The LUT adjustment indicates on the layer as having been applied to the image, but without any adjustments. I have made several attempts, but the last one caused the programme to crash. I do hope that this can be corrected. Many thanks, Red_Boost.cube
  12. YAAAAAY!!! Thank you, Toltec and Alfred. Will take a little while for my brain and fingers to learn the pattern, but I'll get there. So grateful.
  13. Hello and thanks, Alfred, for more wonderfully helpful tips - I now can toggle stuff and reset to black and white. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, but I've watched the video on modifiers and the brush size/softness/hardness modifier key/mouse movements are not working for me. I have AP for Windows
  14. Lubiloo

    Affinity Photo Not Responding

    Thank you, Alfred. The brush is GONE!
  15. Lubiloo

    Affinity Photo Not Responding

    I don't know if this will help anyone, but I've discovered the cause of AP grinding to a halt on my computer. My default brush choice WAS Basic>Round Light Brush>512 px from which I'd then adjust size etc., as required. However, having also used this brush and adjusted its properties in recording a macro to simulate soft, speckled sunlight, I didn't think any more about it, but became increasingly miffed at the constant crashing, freezing or dreadful lagging (at best) when using the paintbrush tool. I had reset the brush properties on finishing recording the macro. For some reason, I changed the brush selection to Round Light Brush>256 px and everything is now working fine. Despite resetting the brush properties, the Brush example illustration in the properties dialogue box still shows my adjusted brush, which you may see in the attached screen shot. I haven't explored all the brushes to see if the problem replicates, but have found that the DAUB set does cause a lag. I'm wary of deleting the offending brush in case I delete the whole Round Light Brush set.
  16. Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I've included a screen shot of my issue: a single Affinity Photo processed portrait JPEG as exported from AP in medium quality (1.7 MB). All three are of exactly the same photograph, displayed through (from L to R) Affinity Photo, Adobe Bridge CS5 and Windows (7 Premium home Edition 64 bit) Explorer Picture Directory. The image originated as a NEF RAW file (Nikon D7200) via DNG converter into AP Develop persona, then processed in photo persona at 8 bit RGB. The same JPEG image opened in Photoshop CS5.1 (64 bit) opens in ACR and is as dark as the illustrated image in Adobe Bridge. However, when attached to an email, the over saturated 'orange' version occurs. Oddly reassuring is that the printed version matches the AP one beautifully. My monitor is Dell UP2516D Will you be producing an asset management programme to work with AP any time soon? Thanks again, Lubiloo
  17. Hello, R C-R sRGB I am sorry, but I have NO idea why my screenshot seems to have duplicated and taken over the post...
  18. Hello, DWright Thanks for your response. I've checked colour profiles and done a 'test' run at each 8 bit and 16 bit RGB, as follows: DNG to ACR> Photoshop> save as>JPEG> open and display on Dell UP2516D monitor in (from L-R on attached screenshot) Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Windows Photo Viewer = all OK with good colour match between UI's/programmes. However, when I adjust workflow (same file at 8 bit and 16 bit RGB) thus: DNG>AP (Develop)>AP Photo persona>Export JPEG, the same aberation as previously illustrated occurs; the JPEG is dark and displays oddly across UI/programmes. I do ensure that I restore the DNG to 'as shot' and neutral camera profiles. I turn off all 'assistance' options in AP Photo develop persona
  19. Lubiloo

    Affinity Photo very slow

    Hello, Tom I'm a 'Newbie' with a similar problem here, too. Moving masks to 'child' or shifting hierarchy inevitably results in a 'blue screen' crash. Multiple adjustment layers slows AP down to a crawl with the image appearing in rendered blocks over a period of several seconds. I make sure that I save my work every few minutes; that I only have one image open and that no other application is running. Included a 'Speccy' screenshot of system info. I so want AP to work well and break the Adobe strangle-hold. I will NOT pay their subscription to CC. Many thanks