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  1. Good morning. Select "Magnetism" (horseshoe-shaped). Two landmarks will appear. The horizontal red, the vertical green. Sincerely.
  2. Bonsoir. Nouvelle version installée. Avec un SSD, temps de téléchargement 3 minutes, temps d'installation 2 minutes 30. Temps d'ouverture, seulement quelques secondes. A vérifier à la première ouverture). Simplement "Impressionnant, un vrai bonheur. Ajoutez à cela une liste de corrections vraiment généreuse. Tous mes salutations à l'équipe de développement. Un travail d'orfèvre. Quel bonheur!
  3. Good morning. If you click OK, you want to postpone the download. This message will return until the download is validated as a reminder. This saves you from forgetting. Yours sincerely.
  4. Hmmmm !! I feel the sweet smell of chocolate melting, its sensual taste. Affinity Designate, master chocolate maker. Yum.
  5. Good morning. Astro images have a very appropriate software. https://www.astro-rennes.com/la_sar/traitement_photo_Iris.php Voici une vidéo Cordialement.
  6. Bonjour. J'ai comparé (dans les fenêtres flottantes) Affinity Photo, DPP, DxO. Les résultats sont les mêmes mais ... DxO applique un auto-ajustement à l'ouverture de l'image. DxO doit être utilisé sans auto-ajustement. Personnaliser-> clic-droit dans l'image-> Appliquer Self-> Pas de correction. Cordialement.
  7. Hello, v_kyr I am in charge of a photo forum, on which I often talk about Affinity Photo. The models you offer are excellent and original. One more argument to allow people to migrate to Affinity. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Good evening. You can always pass on your emotions. What is a successful photo? The one that sticks to the standards?? Your images "speak" to others! They were able to get a message across. They are successful. make yourself happy.
  9. Good morning. Click Start (in floating window) and drag the icon to the desktop; It's quite simple. Yours sincerely.
  10. When I grow up, I'll be a deminer.
  11. Bonjour. Je pense (pour PC / mac desktop), le passage obligé est l'utilisation d'une tablette graphique. (Sensibilité à la pression).
  12. Good evening. Photoshop offers you these for free. https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/brushes.html Works very well in AP. Yours sincerely.
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