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    I am working now with the programm but the first thing I do is follow your advice and do something with all the fonts installed on my computer. Just a question to an expert, works this programm better or smoother on an iMac or on a Windows device? Albert.
  2. Albertus


    Hello Alfred, thank you for this repley. No, I have not installed any fonts to Affinity but on my laptop I have a lot. About the reinstall, if I have the guts, I try it. Thanks again. Albert.
  3. Hello, Again a question about starting problems with Affinity Photo. I received the tip with holding down the Ctrl key during starting and I saw that field. Then the program started normal. Today however it took about 10 minutes to start up. Is it possible to reinstall this programm and how to do this? Greetings, Albert, the Netherlands.
  4. Hello, I have at this moment a problem with starting up Affinity Photo version It stops in the logo and I see, "fonts loading". Yesterday I worked without any problem. Coult it be the latest win10 update I did last evening? I hope somebody can give me the right solution the solve this. Greetings, Albert, the Netherlands.
  5. Many thanks. It works. I could not find this app on my C drive. Albert
  6. Dear all, How do I create a shortcut on my desktop from Affinity Photo?? Greetings, Albert, Holland
  7. Hello, I am a few minutes a member of this forum and I have downloaded Affinity version in de Win Store. My question is, how can I see if their is an possible update? Albertus, The Netherlands.

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