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  1. As a relative newcomer to AP, I'm struggling with the need for the Develop Persona for my RAW images. It seems you get less tools in Develop Persona than are available in Photo Persona so why not just go straight to the Photo Persona and make all your adjustments there? I am finding that, when I open a RAW image and it opens in Develop Persona, I immediate press the 'Develop' button and make all my adjustments in the Photo Persona. Can someone point me to a definitive guide to using the Develop persona and what its purpose is? (idiots guide please!) Many thanks, F
  2. Please will you add this feature request to Affinity Photo:- Please make the list of apps available when selecting File|Share. I am using the private photo sharing app 'Cluster' and it would be a nice feature to be able to post (share) directly to this (& other apps) from within AP.
  3. ... and so we see demonstrated another disadvantage of forums. One needs to have quite thick skin if one wishes to espouse a point of view that is at variance with those of several others. I didn't purchase Affinity Photo so that, when I needed some support I would expose myself to being lectured on the approach I should take and my diligence. Put in my place (in French) for my choice of words. Granted I did receive some useful help for which I am thankful but sad to observe that some could not resist indulging in correcting me and my point of view. I rest my case and will ignore any further additions to this stream.
  4. Je suis désolé que vous l'ayez trouvé, ce qui n'était pas mon intention. S'il vous plaît excusez-moi.
  5. Well I guess I must accept that I'm certainly not going to succeed in persuading at least two people - R C-R & MikeW to my point of view. I think we must just agree to disagree. Having direct experience of Shopify, First Direct (a UK bank), Apple Care and Affinity support I can only state the first three are an infinitely more satisfactory support experience than Affinity. Perhaps others agree with me. Perhaps not. But that is certainly my experience. Another more directly relevant experience I have had recently is ON1 Photo Raw. When I first used ON1 software, they had an excellent telephone support service. By making use of that I got up to speed with using their software very quickly indeed. ON1 then decided they didn't want customers calling them and they ceased the service. Customer satisfaction suffered and for this customer (me) it was a significant factor in my decision to cease using ON1. Best wishes to all.
  6. I respect you point of view R C-R but beg to differ. An example of a modern, international, customer focused company that is an exemplar of telephone based support is Shopify. When you speak to a Guru (as they call them) they are truly knowledgeable, happily accept ownership of the issue at hand and work with you to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Other excellent examples? First Direct and Apple Care. All three of these companies usually score very highly in surveys of customer satisfaction and delight. Not least they exude an image of being companies that recognise that talking to customers matters. The Affinity Photo product is world class but I again contend that it's customer support if very far short indeed of being in that class. If the only justification for not providing world class customer support is cost then that in itself proves my point. I would certainly pay more for it. Why not make it optional for those, like me, who would be prepared to pay? Those not wanting to pay can all pile into the morass of forums that is currently on offer.
  7. Thank you R C-R. I did know about having to 'develop' a raw image before moving to the Photo Persona from where one can use the Free Hand Selection Tool. And I didn't for a moment wish to suggest that there aren't lots of people willing and eager to help me, of which you are obviously one. Having gone to the Photo Persona and selected the Free Hand Selection Tool, my need is then about the operation of the tool. I am wanting to select and separate an image from the background that is made up of both straight and curved, complicated lines. In attempting this, the selection often drifts into areas that I don't want and it strikes me that I must be missing a trick to be able to more accurately make my selection. It is this aspect of the operation that I was trying to find some help with and which led me to spend a whole morning of time thrashing around looking for a solution. In the olden days, a simple 10 minute phone call to a support number would have provided the help I needed. I contend that Affinity Photo is a wonderful application that it is unfortunately let down by the support mechanism that is in place via a support forum that it seems anyone can post an answer to - whether it is right and accurate or otherwise. If I was of a mind to I could, without control or regulation, post replies to all and sundry whether I have the knowledge and skill to do so or not. Such a free-for-all can, IMHO, only lead to inaccuracy and confusion amongst end users. I'm not suggesting you are are incorrect in what you posted to me R C-R and I thank you for it. But I hope my point can be recognised in a more general sense.
  8. Please will someone be helpful and advise where and how I get ANY support for Affinity Photo??? I have just spent all morning trying to use 'Free Hand Selection Tool' on a RAW image. Google, Vimeo, Youtube, Affinity Photo WorkBook (I have the hard copy). I've tried to search for some help and, of course there is a wealth of information out there. somewhere. An overwhelming flood of information indeed that gives me answers to every possible conceivable thing I would like to do in Affinity Photo - EXCEPT the one thing I want to know!!! I expect it's out there somewhere but what (in simple words on one syllable please!) is the Affinity suggested route that users go through to get some support from them? How I mourn the passing of the good old days when you could ring and talk to a human being! Affinity, like so many companies today, see customers that would like to actually speak on a phone to them as being a great nuisance that they need protecting from! Rant over and I apologise for the frustrated tone of this post. My only excuse is that I am, well, FRUSTRATED! Someone please bring some clarity to me.
  9. I have been exploring photographic workshops and there are many in fabulous locations available, many with small groups and led by highly skilled professional photographers. Trouble is, as far as I can determine, they offer post processing using Lightroom and Photoshop, which obviously is not what I am seeking. Does anyone know of any photography workshops being offered by professionals using and demonstrating Affinity Photo for post processing please?
  10. Agreed! This new customer is certainly confused! i’m trying to buy a book for goodness sake. Why put all these barriers to sales in place?
  11. OK. I understand that. But, if I have purchased Affinity Photo, which I have, wouldn't I therefore have a Affinity store account?
  12. Hello I'm trying to log onto my Affinity account and keep getting a message that my email address is not recognised!!! Clearly my email address is recognised to enable me to look at and add topic to this forum! I'm trying to place an order for the Affinity Book. PS. T WOULD BE SO NICE TO GET BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS WHERE I HAVE A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL TO GET SOME HELP!
  13. Many thanks MEB. as I suspected, it was user error (me!) and a training need. All now OK. F
  14. ... so as it's now September 2017, has theis 'issue' been resolved? I ask because I sent a RAW (NEF) file to the full Affinity Photo from Apple Photos... ...made some changes in Affinity Photo (Perspective correction and crop)... ... File/Save in Affinity Photo. And back in Photos I do not see the changes that I made!!! Am I missing something here? Any help most welcome please.
  15. My new workflow is therefore... Copy photos from Camera to folder on Mac using Finder Import to folder to Apple Photos, deleting any obvious rejects Browse and further cull the keepers and rejects (Using 1,2,3,4,5 star keywords) For those that it will suffice, use Apple Photos to make post processing changes For more advanced work and styling first go to Edit in Affinity Photo before making any changes so as to ensure the RAW file is passed to Affinity Photo Do you agree that the above has the makings of a reasonable DAM/Affinity Photo workflow?