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  1. [AD / Win] I also think that the text functions must become more user-friendly. Currently the Text Tool has no function. It would be very helpful if the text tool could also color the text frame.
  2. The export setting was "All Spreads" (default). After switching to "All Pages", single pages have been created in the PDF export: Page view in Adobe Acrobat: Thanks for your tipp! Greetings, Pinnochio
  3. In the Publisher created and correctly assigned Single pages appear as double (facing) pages in PDF. So generates double page cannot be split in Adobe Acrobat to single Pages. Publisher: Page 2, 3 are Single Pages in Master Layout and correctly assigned to the working pages PDF Export show in Adobe Acrobat: Single pages 2 and 3 are combined to one double page. This double page cannot be divided into single pages afterwards. How is it possible to create only single pages in PDF export?
  4. Pinnochio

    Text style: numbering bullets error

    @Hi elmonopascual, the text paragraph should look like the first pic (edit with Photoshop): Dot thick in dark blue, text in gray. Your suggestion with " /t •" works partially only: Unfortunately the character style "Punkt" is ignored. Therefore the dots are small and in the same color as the text.
  5. [AD beta] The bullets remain on the left if the entire paragraph is to be aligned to the right.
  6. Please add this essential functions in AD: - Background fill colour and stroke colour/width for text boxes. - Convert text boxes back to vector object
  7. Please add this essential function in AD: - Background fill colour and stroke colour/width for text boxes. - Convert text frame back to vector object Thanks for your support.
  8. Can you please show the icon in the content toolbar with a screenshot? Unfortunately, I can not discover it.
  9. Where in the studio (German) is the entry "text frame"?
  10. [AD beta Windows] How can I select and change the attributes (color, conture) of the object "frame text"? (I mean not the text in the frame)? My text frame has a fine gray frame. How can I make this frame invisible? Greetings from Frankfurt Pinnochio
  11. The trick to create a 2nd document and then close it (without saving) works for a moment only. When I work with the pen tool and change the line width or add a segment, the object handles are gone again. Then I can only move the mouse blind. Please correct this fatal bug. Pinnochio
  12. The FOGRA39 and other CYMK printer profiles are installed on my PC (command: windows right mouse click + profile install). In Acrobat and Indesign, all CYMK profiles can be selected and processed correctly. However, in AD & AP no CMYK printer profiles are in the selection list. Windows icc profiles for CMYK & RGB printer can be download via Google "Adobe ICC profiles for Windows". My guess: AD does not recognize the Postscript printer drivers. In this case, CYMK printer profiles would have to be displayed. My bridge solution: AD export -> pdf, printing with Acrobat.
  13. The Ricoh CL7200/7300 I have and wanted to select the cymk printer profile Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004). Alle printer color profils are in the windows path c:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color and in the AD Path C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Resources\icc. Although I have chosen the cymk/8 profile in document setting, in the printer dialog no CYMK profiles display in the list (only RGB driver profiles are displayed).
  14. Hello, in the AD document settings dialog, the CMYK profiles displayed correctly, but: In the printer dialog panel no CYMK driver profiles are displayed. ( only RGB printer profiles displayed) All CYMK Printer Profiles .icc are available in the Windows path c:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color. In AP I imported the icc profiles for CMYK printers, but they do not appear in the printer dialog anyway. With Greetings from Frankfurt am Main / Germany, Pinnochio