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  1. will be 50 usd too? can you do the landing feaature page ?
  2. hi!, if i make a pixel raster shadow on a vector object, when i export like svg for example will get the shadow get distrosion ?
  3. .ico export format for windows apps ?
  4. its alreadyu slected, but oits not working, only working if there its other point/node to ancle
  5. hi i need to center the middle node, but shift or ctrl arent working ;( what can i do ?
  6. i am not sure if i should buy it on Ms or on the web?
  7. the last time i lost my 20% opportunity, some special day coming ? i am waiting for so long ;(
  8. so if i bought on windows 10 store is all the same except wont work on previus v of windows ? and about the free pack ? and the limit which are ? maybe u should launch it on steam
  9. will i reci e the free pack of icons on store windows?
  10. hi, is the same the windows version that windows 10 store version ?

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