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  1. Hi all, I'm new to Affinity Photo, but not so new to photo editing, though I don't get anywhere near as much time for it as I would like. I have a photo that has bright/white edges along dark objects that are in front of a bright sunset sky. These are 'straight line' edges that sometimes happen with dark objects against a bright background, but without the colour, rather than a feathered, glow like edge which I believe are called "Halos". The file is a ".dng" as I used to use Lightroom up until a year ago ( I could find the original Camera Raw file if need be). There is no Purple or Green Fringing, but this may have been removed in Lightroom previously. Can AP remove this for me, which I can't seem to do with my other editor? If so, how? Any videos that demonstrate this would be great. I've watched a couple of videos by James Ritson, but they are the photos used have the 'glowing' halo type of edges, so I'm not sure if the same technique would work.
  2. One problem I see with this video (because I'm not completely new to photo editing, though not really good due to lack of time to spend on my hobby), is that you are doing this 'Destructively' on the original image. It would be better to duplicate the original Photo, then do the edits on that, thus preventing irreversible changes to your original.
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm new to AF & downloading some stuff to try out when I get the time or find the need