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  1. Thomaso, Vielen dank for your time, will try it out, much appreciation for the assistance . Stay healthy, and cheers....
  2. Thanks, where do I find HSL and what do I do? If I find it, set the sliders as you have them?
  3. Hi What is the process please to keep lavender foreground flowers purple and the rest of the pix BxW? Thanks, Stuart
  4. Ah, it was under the Healing Brush, which I had not opened, thank you for your time, very helpful. Cheers
  5. Yes, I was on the wrong layer to remove the lettering. Does AF have a tool to removal all those hats in the world? Could not find the Inpainting tool on the side bar with the tools, that sounds about what I remember, where can I find it please? thank you!
  6. Wow, thank you. That is exactly what I was hoping for! Did you use the clone tool? I started with the hair on the left and did not know what to do further with the finger. What I meant in my question is how to replace the background, in this case the chin, and remove the finger and there was one very beginning AF video where it had a dog running toward the camera and I believe it was outlined in some manner and it was removed and the grass replaced it. There was another AF video of a boy jumping from a dock and I think the boy in mid air was removed but I can't recall, so I am trying to find the right tool and how to make the outline. Thanks for your help! PS I just tried to remove the idiotic words on the red cap and tried the clone tool but I could not get it to work. I had a small circle and hit the 'option' key to establish the color, but I did something wrong obviously
  7. Hi In the intro Affinity video which I can't find, a photo had a running dog removed very simply and I am not sure how to do it. The Clone tool does not seem to do what was demonstrated. Any help appreciated, I want to remove the finger Thanks, Stuart pam_and_stuart.afphoto
  8. A chuckle and a smile, thanks.... "Newbies become Old Hands". Supports my thanks for posting Beginner questions and getting answers! Would rather not take the time of folks but the process is at this point slow and I find the Forum replies helpful
  9. I bought the book, about $50 and the book does not even begin with the basics, page 86, eighty six, is Opening and Saving Images! It is mostly exercises for specific uses. Very disappointing and basically useless for me at my stage, further strengthening my point that the beginners are not really as important as herding over the PS and Lightroom folk. We newbies are not as much concern, very little in fact, as converting the already knowledgeable .
  10. Thanks for the input. Price is not the concern. Whatever the price, I would be glad to LEARN, to build up my BASIC knowledge of how to open, adjust with cropping, burn, dodge, contrast, color, Inpainting for removal, grad filter and properly filing them. If I reach that point, then I can go into more of the meat of what is obviously stratosphere. Yes, I am so appreciative of asking and having answers given without wise ass remarks. I am trying to learn and the Forum has been very helpful, for which I give thanks. Plodding along, Stuart
  11. Ross, Good point re the idea of a Beginners Forum. Unless the "experts' monitor it, the blind leading the blind might possibly be the result, though I am of the school "if you do not know, learn. If you do, teach" So, my hope was to have the experts guide the newbies. Maybe it is my reluctance to ask necessary questions at my stage, but I must say, when I have asked specific, seemingly dumb questions, they have been answered with information, not ridicule, for which I am appreciative. The new forum was just a thought, no biggie, appreciate your input. Yes, I went to all the teaching tutorials, I did try your guy, but found Simon Fraser's more appropriate for my needs. To each their own. Once I do get up to speed with the basics, I will then certainly view the Affinity Tutorials, but my general thoughts I stand by-AF is weak at the start end for new users.
  12. Interesting. The first link was what I was looking for, thank you, but not the video itself of my reference, no matter The second link, apparently, is the old tutorials, but what stands out is the same guy is speaking to the beginners in the Save tutorial in a slow and clear manner, not the speeded up tutorials of I guess later videos. For beginners, this is imperative, a slow, step by step process. I suggest he color his arrow red to find and follow. Question: if one is finished editing, or not, a photo, where to put it? i have a few afphoto images on my desktop. What and where should they be filed please? I have a Mac. Thanks
  13. Yes, thank you! The Inpainting tool it was, though not the specific video. Appreciate your time!
  14. Am starting to go through the excellent Simon Fraser tutorials and recalled an Affinity short, (4 min?) Introduction/Basics tutorial where they used an example of removing a dog running toward the camera in a photo. It was done simply and fast. And I cannot find that video to find the tool, so I went to all the Affinity official videos to try and find it, as I assumed it would be one of the first, but of the 81 I could not find it, or any Basic or Introduction videos. Maybe I missed them, but that has been my complaint, most are intermediate and experts and the beginners are left out. Many are PS users or Lightroom, but what if we are not? Why not have a Beginners Forum, where we are not embarrassed to ask simple questions to get going? Also, if anyone knows the link I am referring to, pls send it. Thx, Stuart
  15. Thanks, Ross. I paid for the Affinity Revolution and got my money back. I am now using Simon Fraser's tutorial which is more suited to me. All the Youtube tutorials I have looked at, so I am plugging along. This forum has been very helpful and not yet being called an idiot. I have found no other program for a Mac, so I will be riding this horse. The teaching on the AF tutorials and others are intermediate to expert oriented, and I want a slow explanation of sequence designed for a novice. I still am not up to speed on the most basic stuff and I will continue, but it is very frustrating. AF designed for and by experts and the beginning instructions are too fast and not clearly understanding that those watching have never done it before... I do think there is a huge market for online screen sharing tutorials. Pay for 30 min or an hour and save lots of wasted time and energy. Wondering why no one is doing that...? Cheers
  16. Thanks, Walt, what I am trying to do is avoid masks at this point, I just want to sharpen it a specific area. After I gain a little more confidence and skill I will certainly expand my knowledge, right now every step is a challenge.
  17. Hello, Is there anyone in the North Bay using Affinity willing to tutor me for a few lessons to get going? Will pay, can meet at your place, mine or some other location. I live in Santa Rosa. I bought the Affinity book, doing Simon Fraser's course, try and find answers on Youtube videos, including AF tutorials, but every single step is frustrating and complicated. I had used Aperture and use basic stuff: open, crop, color, contrast and exposure, burn and dodge and sharpen. Then save or export. That is what I want to learn, plus the Gradient tool, using soft ND grad filter for bland skies. I have not done Photoshop or Lightroom. I just want simple, basic understanding of the listed tools. I have had postings on Craigslist before and now to get a group together but not a single response, thus this Forum request. I want a patient teacher, as if instructing an absolute beginner, not a hotshot going fast techie showing off their advanced knowledge. If there is a method of screen sharing and telephone, that would work for me too. This could be a new niche if it does not exist already. Thanks, Stuart
  18. Two for two this morning (Pacific Coast, US)! First I got Sharpening, now this, thank you very much! Used the keyboard parentheses enlarge and the circle appeared! Much appreciation
  19. I click on the Dodge tool and all I get is the crosshair, not an adjustable circle. Any help appreciated, thanks
  20. Got it, brilliant! Thanks! Your hyena photo? Had them circle our camp one night with a carcass hanging from a tree....yellow flickering eyes from the campfire...Thanks again.
  21. In order, last three responses, thank you. -USM: I am not "going to press", just trying to make a print, maybe 12" x 18" or so -" ..will be applied to the whole image.." -" will sharpen everything " I do not want to sharpen everything. I do not want to sharpen the whole image. Is there not a tool in Affinity where I have the choice of strength and brush size?? I do NOT want to do the entire picture, I do not want to add then remove, white, then black, then do whatever.... All I want to do is start, get a photo, crop it, adjust contrast, color, etc, maybe sharpen some SPECIFIC areas, then, if needed, maybe add a soft ND grad if the sky is all one shade. Is there a Sharpen tool for area specific which can be adjusted in size and strength? And if it is the little indicator in Unsharp, how to make that into a brush? Thank you
  22. no complaints, was just trying to figure out some of the basics, cropping, color, burn and dodge, sharpening. Thanks for helping me learn some of the things to get started!
  23. The Unsharp term threw me off. So I click on that, and yes, I do want to do a specific area, so I made another layer, but the cursor has a little horizontal line next to it, how do I get something as a tool instead of the little line? Thanks for your help.
  24. Ahh, the lines extending beyond the photo had to be pulled in by the corners! Thank you, at least I have figured out one thing today! One a day, with the help of all of you, and I might get my first photo finished...lots of thanks
  25. Unless this can be slowed down big time I will not be able to follow, and it goes back to my original question: Is there a simple one step way to click on a Sharpen tool where I can manage the brush size and strength?
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