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  1. SF Charter Boat

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Aahh, thank you for the speedy response! Will try it now, many thanks!
  2. SF Charter Boat

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    AF Staff, Sorry for what may be obvious, but not to me, how do I install the 1.7 version? I am an existing member Thanks you, Stuart
  3. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Thanks, everyone, big help! Stuart
  4. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Thanks, so I just keep doing my edits and adjustments on the image in Develop, then when I am happy, hit the blue Develop and it automatically transfers to Photo where I can add any further choices....then I can share or Save, or Save As (will have to look up that distinction) Thanks for the help.
  5. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Last question, hopefully on this topic: As I make adjustments in Develop there appears to be no Save after every adjustment. The AF Raw tutorial says once I am happy with my adjustments to click on the blue Develop. This apparently saves my adjustments, but it also, I guess, sends me to Photos. Does this mean that there is no way to keep saving the changes until the end, when I click on Develop, but takes me out of Develop to Photo? Thx
  6. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Thanks for patience and contributions. My take from this conversation is stay in Develop to do as much as possible and then move to Photo to fine tune. Thx for the bullet points and time to share. If I am not accurate in my assumption, pls advise. Thx again, Stuart
  7. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Many of the images I may use are already in raw, so it's moot about its merits or not, my interest is how much, if any, should I do in raw before moving over to Photo? Is there any advantage doing some prelim work in Develop, then move to Photo? If so, specifically what are the fundamental basics to be done? Can I be specifically told a list of what is to my advantage while in Develop before moving? Is it correct to say AF has already done some of the work by placing it in Develop? Or, is it the same to just move my image immediately to Photo? And keep it under one roof?
  8. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    So there are a lot more tools in Photo over Develop? Is that correct? Is there a Grad Filter in Develop? Is there a histogram in Develop? It looks, not having used it before, (or Photo), like there are far more choices in Photo? So why even begin in Develop? Why not immediately transfer to Photo, with the understanding that AF places RAW images in a certain place for whatever reason? I am asking because I do not know if there are any reasons to remain in Develop after the image is opened there? What benefits do I gain by doing some adjustments there and then moving to Photo? Thx
  9. SF Charter Boat

    Develop to Photos Persona?

    Thanks, got it, can't Save, SaveAs or Export, but I still am not clear: -Should I do ANY work in Develop before moving to Photo? If so, how much and of what nature? RC-R says it happens "automatically when I click large blue Develop button.." -I assume I already am in Develop because AF automatically places RAW images there, so why would I have to hit it again? Still unclear what if any, and when, I should shift to Photo after the image being placed in Develop by AF automatically Thanks, Stuart
  10. Confused about when and how the Develop Persona shifts to Photos? Or does it? I have a bunch of RAW images, and am, finally, about to start learning Affinity after using Aperture, so I am doing the tutorials..... But am not clear on what the transition is from Develop to Photos? What should I do in Develop, should I stay there, when should I shift to Photos, will it do it automatically? Just trying to start with Step One. Thx PS Liquify rates as a major Persona??? Weird choice to make a major league category. The word Persona odd as well. No worries, though, just want to begin at the beginning
  11. Excellent idea, have Affinity provide a list of resources, including their own, a win/win/win situation, the provider/user/Affinity As a beginner, the AF people simply can't grasp that we need awareness and thinking and action based on teaching the basics, not showing off all the features. Example: AF Work Book. Guess on what page the chapter title BEFORE YOU START, appears? You'd think page one, right? Nope PAGE EIGHTY SIX. This shows the lack of awareness of the needs of the beginner. Page 86 to Start????? Crawl, walk, run. Glad I am back on the forum and I really do hope that I can make the effort to start again and use it. Again, good call. Affinity now do your work and provide not just your own tutorials and books, but others as well. The benefit would be for everyone, as I would love to begin using it and recommending AF. Cheers Stuart
  12. Thanks for the Drippy Cats suggestion, seems like a very good process for my needs.
  13. Completely agree with Alan PC, I believe I started this conversation and have since retreated from using Affinity, instead going back to Aperture, which I know. Seems many folk fall back on having used Photoshop. I never did. The workbook I bought but it does not even discuss how to start until half way through the book! yes, there are a lot of videos, but what Affinity has missed is to clearly, simply and easily explain, like to a child, one, two, three, How to Start. This is the weakness of Affinity for me, it did not and has not made it easy to learn, thus, any adjustments I make are done on a system since discontinued by Apple. Yes, I will try again, but Affinity is NOT for a newbie, and Affinity has dropped the ball for intro to the system, my guess is because all the advisors and designers are so far advanced they cannot comprehend the needs of a beginner.
  14. Very Newbie here, but find the group very open and encouraging of participation. Just sent you what I feel is needed, and lacking, for me, a basic How to Start series.. Cheers Stuart
  15. Do you have a Beginning Tutorial, Step One, then Step Two, etc? All the fancy custom how to stuff seems to be the standard for it seems most of the folks on this forum, intermediate to advanced. AF does a poor job just getting people started, am still at the gate, mostly due to me, but would like to have a concise, clear what to do to start. Do you provide this? thx Stuart