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  1. Hi AnilaM26, Sorry for late reply. No there are no such requirements. You can do it at your own pace. We have our exclusive facebook group for students so you post your progress and get feedback from the community and myself. Thanks Jay
  2. I think downloading from YouTube is illegal as per their policy.
  3. Thank you so much.. finally cleared all the mess I have had lol
  4. Thank you @Stuart_R Just found the dot brushes here Sharing the link in case someone else is looking for it too. Thank you so much. Similar brushes are sold for hefty prices in Gum road. You are awesome
  5. This is amazing thank you
  6. Hi Everyone, I have worked on an Affinity Designer course targetting absolute beginners who have never done vector drawing before. Currently, the course is on sale for $ 9.99. Please feel free to check it out at Alternatively, you can join my course at SKillShare (Get 2 months free): Totally it has 4 hours of content and another 2hour of content is in post-production, so soon the course will have 6 hours worth of study materials. More details about the course can be read on the link given above. Thanks SeekerLK
  7. Thank you very much. Very useful.