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  1. Yes this is exactly the issue. Seem like this should of been fixed by now.
  2. Tolerance on the flood fill also seems to be broken automatically changing depending on the area your trying to fill. Also still cant fill in certain transparency. I.E erased areas cant always be filled.
  3. FYI, This is still not fixed.. kinda important.
  4. I agree with this. Coming from Photoshop this can be very frustrating. At the very least this should be a toggle in settings.
  5. Suggest changing or allowing photo's being imported to automatically resize to the width of the canvas. Reasoning is if i'm working on a 8.5x11 document and I pull a 20 Megapixel photo in. it huge be default forcing me to have to zoom way out to downsize the image.
  6. I can confirm that flood fill does not work on transparent areas in some cases. Example... on a new image, create a new pixel layer then flood fill it with any color. Then use the eraser brush tool to erase some of the center portion. After that tray and fill in the erased area..
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, but...After selecting background of an image then using refine edges and pressing delete it leave some of the image partially transparent and unavailable to fully fill with the flood fill tool. see attachment. cant fill area.afphoto
  8. Awesome thank you! Also I just realized that preferences has a search option that works really well. :)
  9. Basically I've installed the daub-concept brush set and would now like to removed them. In the process of trying to removed them myself I've deleted several of the pre-installed brush category's and would like to know if there is away to reset them to default without a full reinstall. I'm currently running Affinity photo on Windows 10. -Thanks
  10. First off thank-you for such a wonderful product :D Any chance to open embedded ruler guide images like the one attached. I think Photoshop can embed them in .jpg, .tiff, .png etc.. almost any flat image format. Thanks
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