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Divide Operation …

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My sincerest congratulations to the new version! Awesome work! :)

One small observation though. I am still somewhat unhappy with the Divide operation, and since my issue is already described in a post from some years ago, I’ll take the liberty to just post the link. In my opinion, Divide should work like this, but (C) is still different. Would be cool to have this reviewed for 1.8! :)

Thank you!




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7 hours ago, MattP said:

Hi Alex! :)

'Divide' is not implemented correctly and really needs reimplementing... It introduces strange shapes and arguably just produces the wrong outputs (as shown). The other operations are working better now, but I need more time with 'Divide' still... :/


Well darn, my hopes were that the improvements in Booleans included bug  'afd-2042'.

Speaking of which, it would be very helpful to include specific bug numbers where appropriate in the list of fixes and improvements for the beta releases.


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  • 8 months later...

Priorities are at play. And you are paying. With years of life and lost opportunities. Will you wait another year for a fix? Two? More?

They are not trying to figure out and implement cold fusion. Rather implement a working and acceptable divide operation that should have worked properly since 2015. You are waiting because they let you wait. But you will get Publisher on iPad I guess. 

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