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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I've tried multiple ways, and duplicate paths are the most flexible. Erich
  2. Is it not possible to have multiple text sections on the same part of a path? Whenever I start a new text section it automatically goes to the other side of my path. For example, I'm trying to move "England" next to "New Zealand", but when I drag it around it is upside down on the wrong side of the path. If I highlight select it and use the Reverse Text Path tool it reverses everything on that path, not just the highlighted text section. The only way I've been able to figure out how to do this is multiple duplicates of the same path and have each word on a different identical path, or to add a lot of spaces to the text and make it all one huge line on the same path. Erich
  3. Almost a year and 5 updates later, and the divide function bug is still present in Designer Mac 1.8.4. That's just plain ridiculous for a core program function. Erich
  4. I quite like that! I was struggling a bit with keeping the definition of the teeth in the middle from spreading out too much. Erich
  5. Yeah, that could work, and it's better than using an inner glow with the background color since the final background won't be a solid color as it is in this example. I'd still like to know if there's a way to put a gradient transparency across each tooth. Erich
  6. I'm trying to figure out a way to apply a transparency to the edges of cog teeth so they blend together with the background along the long edge of the teeth for each individual tooth. Is there a way to do this? So for the image, I want the brighter teeth to blend into the background so the long edges of each tooth is feathered. cog-tooth-fade-edges.afdesign
  7. Thank you again, that did the trick! I can now export directly from Designer to SVG and into Lightwave3D without going thru any other programs. Erich
  8. Thanks for looking at the files. Using the Flatten Transforms solves the positional errors (although I thought I had tried that before), but the colors are still not brought over. Everything is 0,0,0 black. That's what's so bizarre, the exact same SVG imported to Pixelmator Pro (or any number of programs) does carry over the colors. The SVG I re-export from Pixelmator Pro when imported to Lightwave3D does carry over the colors, but the SVG from Designer does not. Designer is doing something different with respect to how it writes the colors for each area into the SVG. Erich
  9. I've found something odd when using an SVG file exported from Designer 1.8.3 Mac. I created something simple in Designer, converted everything to curves, used Separate Curves to expand the hole cutout polygons, and exported as an SVG. When I import that into my 3D program Lightwave3D, I get strange results. If I take that same SVG file, import it into Pixelmator Pro, and re-export it as an SVG without changing anything, it properly imports into Lightwave3D. I've tried various combinations of the SVG export options in the More dialog, but still no dice. Is this a Designer export bug, or simply some other version of SVG file format? SVG-file-versions.zip
  10. The newest Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - Release Candidate) fixes lists: - Improved boolean geometry results. Given the multiple different boolean operations that have problem, how about being more specific? Why not actually list the bug numbers so we can know if our problems have been at least looked at? thanks
  11. In 3D apps any kind of boolean operation is messy. That's why there is also some kind of stand alone "merge points" function to merge co-located points. There's also a setting to change how close the points are that you can adjust before doing the operation. I wonder if something like that would be useful for these kinds of problems.
  12. I took the above example scene and operated on only the inner wedge of curves. When adding you can see that not only are co-positional points not properly welded together, but extra points are added where they should not be. The further example has the history also saved to it. Erich error_example-further.afdesign
  13. I looked at this example to see if it's related to one I recently posted. I do 3D modeling also, and it looks like issues I've had in that realm where points that are supposedly co-positional are not properly welded together in the boolean operations even when they should be. The results in slightly different curve shapes left over, so the boolean operations do not work as they should. Erich
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