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Affinity Photo is in the Mac App Store Now!


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CONGRATS on the release !!!  

Gosh… great, great, great !  :wub: 


The launch video is really cooool! :)


And the tutorials are very, very helpful indeed - will there be even MORE tutorials coming…?  :)






Affinity Photo is SO impressive! Really, the only feature I’m missing is this

„Video Frames to Layers“ thingy…   :( 


Of course I do understand, that you can’t implement all wishes and features - and not at the very start. 

However, it would really, really help me A LOT, if I just knew,   if   you’re planning to add this feature - maybe in a year…???   :rolleyes: 





Thank you very much!   :) 

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I was expecting much so I will buy today! = )

Congratulations to the whole team !

Now it is now awaiting the release of Beta Affinity Publisher.   :D

¬ MacBook Pro i5 2.5Ghz | LED 13.3" | 16GB RAM | 240Gb SSD CORSAIR Force GT | Caddy 500Gb HD | MAC OS X 10.11

¬ MacBook Air C2D 1.6Ghz | LED 13.3" | Cache 4Mb | 2GB RAM | 60Gb HD | MAC OS X 10.7.5



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I saw Affinity Photo on sale in the App Store this morning and it was a very easy and quick decision to buy. A great product and goodbye to photoshop, based on my current and likely needs. Excellent launch video. 


Now just waiting for the Affinity Publisher beta hopefully not to long away(?) which personally is the part of this great suite that I have been most waiting for. But certainly not in any way disappointed by the current Photo and Designer applications

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  • Staff

Hi  @killwilly, @BigBadD,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)



No, it doesn't uninstall the Beta neither converts it. You have to drag the Beta from the Applications folder to the trash.



Affinity Publisher will be available as a Public Beta by the end of this year/beginning of the next.

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Got it this morning.  And I'm happy, happy with it!  Once I learn exactly what steps to take to Resize Canvas equally on all sides by a specified number of inches, I will prolly never open Photoshop again.  Correction: once I figure out the formula for that AND once plugins are working correctly in APhoto…then Photoshop can moulder in a corner.

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The Serif team has done an outstanding job with this product and the whole Beta process.


I only have one request: Please let us buy directly from you in the future! The App Store is a mess and I avoid it whenever possible. Case in point: I can't download your app right now because the App Store refuses to connect. And, of course, my beta has expired. Leaving me without my new favorite photo editing app.


You guys are awesome. Apple has become a nightmare to work with.

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