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  1. Having a mix of apps between Affinity Store and Mac App Store may not be your preferred choice. But you benefit from the additional 10% beta user discount; and it is same app and the Studio Link feature fully works regardless of mix of different app store purchases.
  2. Thanks Affinity team, the pace of beta updates is impressive and appreciated. What is vision for a final stable paid release?
  3. Also agree with request for a presemtation mode to simply view overall look of work without any formatting or tool distractions. Just want to add that I am loving the Publisher Beta. Still hoping and sure we will see many new features and improvements, but great start.
  4. The further significant slippage to seeing Affinity Publisher, even as beta, is a big disappointment and the first negative aspect I have had to say about Serif Affinity. From the start, for me, Designer was always the most needed application of the trio to breakaway from Adobe. But OK, Serif's Affinity roadmap doesn't have to be aligned to me. So until now I have been interested and so far pleased to support Affinity with buying Photo and Designer for occasional use and to start to master it. But I remain totally dependent on Adobe InDesign - and will now be for at least another year... This is far from the roadmap and claims being given by Serif Affinity at the start. I am sure it will be disputed that it is different resources, but it seems that the new Serif Affinity roadmap focusses on PC compatibility (which I believe is a positive for the longterm future of the products) rather than the original Mac user focus which was played heavily on at launch.
  5. Thanks! It's very clear and interestingly presented. Look forward to the more detailed series to come.
  6. I saw Affinity Photo on sale in the App Store this morning and it was a very easy and quick decision to buy. A great product and goodbye to photoshop, based on my current and likely needs. Excellent launch video. Now just waiting for the Affinity Publisher beta hopefully not to long away(?) which personally is the part of this great suite that I have been most waiting for. But certainly not in any way disappointed by the current Photo and Designer applications
  7. It's a shame that Photo is the next application due rather than Publisher. From what I have positively experienced with Designer, I look forward to the full Affinity suite. But, in my opinion, there is a much bigger need in the Mac market for an application to take on InDesign, than a photo application. Anyway, it's refreshing to have a software company with visibility of developments and roadmaps.
  8. Hello I'm David - an enthusiastic amateur at graphic design, mainly working on posters and displays for clubs/associations. Having given up on Adobe products further to their handling of hacked of accounts and subscription policy, it's great to see Affinity coming up with what should be a good competition for Mac users. So far Designer beta shows good potential, but can't wait for the beta of Publisher. Keep up the good work, there are many discontented Adobe customers wanting you to succeed.
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