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  1. Is ADOBE logging (and phoning home?), that one has Affinity Photo installed??? This question came up in another thread (and I could not change that thread’s title later on, but find the question too interesting to be overlooked) see here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10868-useless-old-data-stuff-from-deleted-photo-beta-where-to-find-what-can-i-safely-delete/&p=46496
  2. Hi Paul, thank you for the answer. So, you think, I can safely delete just everything that has the name affinityphoto.beta in it? The interesting thing with the finder-search is: when I search for „affinityphoto.beta“ a ) search in „This Mac“ —> there is just 1 result user-> Library -> GROUP Containers -> … 128 Byte I guess, that one can be deleted. ________ ________ b ) search ONLY in „Library“ there are MORE results !!! additionally found now: 1. a FILE called com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.beta that has 430 Byte
  3. Could somebody please tell me, where I can find the „rests“ from the previously installed Affinity PHOTO version. I did drag the Photo-Beta from the Applications folder to the trash. And I do understand, that this will suffice to have a nicely working bought Photo version from MAS. However, I like to keep my system as „clean“ as possible. ;) @AFFINITY Could you please tell me the exact places (paths) in the Library etc. where there is data-stuff from the Photo-Beta, that can safely be deleted manually? Thank you very much ! :)
  4. The table of contents for Affinity Photo that was posted in the thread’s start, is very, very helpful indeed! Thanks :) @Affinity I would strongly recommend to also put this table of contents (with the links) ON the very site with the video tutorials - that would help new or potential users a lot IMHO. ;) Also: please do add such a table of contents for Affinity DESIGNER too. ____ regarding the videos: - some video tutorials could be a bit longer to my mind. Of course that depends from person to person, but if a video was just 1-2 minutes longer, s
  5. CONGRATS on the release !!! Gosh… great, great, great ! :wub: The launch video is really cooool! :) And the tutorials are very, very helpful indeed - will there be even MORE tutorials coming…? :) https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/photo/ __ Affinity Photo is SO impressive! Really, the only feature I’m missing is this „Video Frames to Layers“ thingy… :( Of course I do understand, that you can’t implement all wishes and features - and not at the very start. However, it would really, really help me A LOT, if I just knew, if you’re p
  6. While I can see, that the new logos must have been a lot of hard work, I must say, that I personally like the „old“ logos much, much better. Why don’t you just use the „old“ logos (at least) until the whole suite is actually available? Like others wrote, the logo is not so important for existing users - the apps themselves count. :) For me it would be actually of much more importance to know, how your thoughts about feature requests are, than logos… (err, …giving a broad hint here… ;) „video-frames-to-layers“ feature: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/95
  7. Please add the feature to import a VIDEO file to get single frames of that video as images on separate layers. = „Video Frames to Layers“ in Photoshop: „Video Frames to Layers“ File-> Import -> „Video Frames to Layers“ The Option „Limit to every _ n_ Frames“ is essential to have in this feature. This feature maybe was not sooo important for a long time, but now it has become a very interesting feature, esp. for web designers, as one can „fake“ a video-scroll effect with such an image sequence, without having the disadvantages of video on (mobile) websites. I h
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