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    Some artworks with Affinity Photo

    Wow, great pic.
  2. I can not wait to test the affinity Publisher. I hope it's as good as Affinity Information and Affinity Photo!
  3. Great job, congratulations!
  4. Good question, my friend! I also use mockups.
  5. macmello

    Some watercolours

    Great stuff! Like watercolors.
  6. Wow! I was expecting much so I will buy today! = ) Congratulations to the whole team ! Now it is now awaiting the release of Beta Affinity Publisher. :D
  7. Hello friends! I'm new here, but as I saw this very interesting area forum, resovi post some of my work as a graphic designer. My name is Leandro Mello Fernandes, I am a graphic designer for 15 years and I live in Brazil. I'm beginning to use the tools of Affinity and adapting me very well to tha. Thank you all! P.S. Sorry for my bad English. =) www.evosigncriacao.com
  8. macmello

    Design Made in Brazil - EvoSign Criação

    Thank you, GRScott! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  9. I fully agree with you. First three products running well and serving well. I give more strength to the future something very interesting and easy to use web-design. = )
  10. I am waiting anxious to test the Affinity Publisher and to complete the Affinity package. It would be great if they could also launch a software for web- design. Something like Dreamweaver or rather Blocs and Pinegrow . Are there any plans for this?
  11. macmello

    New Branding for Affinity

    Hello friends! I apologize to the designer who created these new icons, but like much of the old. The new seemed a study, not something ready . Wel, if approved, I have to get used to them then.
  12. macmello


    Nice :)
  13. macmello

    3D layer view mode

    The concept is fabulous!
  14. Congratulations! Keep up the good work! = )
  15. macmello

    Painted by hand in Affinity Photo

    Very good, my friend!
  16. That's right, buddy. You need to practice forever. Search for design references ... on Google itself you will find a lot of good to study. Study also art history, helps a lot in defining styles. Buy books on design, typography, illustration ... And the main, always put love in every art created by you!
  17. macmello


    I enjoyed it is dark but soft at the same time.
  18. Creating a brand is much more complex than you think. The mark is the representation of a company. A symbol try to convey the soul of the company, the way in which it wants to communicate with the target audience. So it is not possible to create a brand that stands only for beauty. Always create a brand with soul , so she will have life. Good luck my friend!
  19. macmello

    Design Made in Brazil - EvoSign Criação

    Thank you, my friends! Certainly post more arts. To the next!
  20. macmello

    Fox design

    Great work!
  21. macmello

    Marine Theme

    The mermaids of illustration was very good. Congratulations!