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  1. I love this app (OK, I love ALL yours apps!) Finally we can see the bleed area, thank you! (I hope this feature on Design and Photo as well) One thing, why the guides are deleted when you put it on the bleed area? Is it possible for you to add a check box "do not delete guides on the bleed area"? (on the guides manager maybe?) Paolo
  2. psaldari

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Aaaargh!!! I want it! ... Thank you for the prewiew.
  3. psaldari


    maybe there is no taxes on the US price
  4. You right, my apologies. I don't read well your post
  5. Last question, if I rasterize the logos the pantone colors are converted to CMYK?
  6. Right, thank you for your explanation. If I uncheck the "Honor Spot Color" (sorry, my english is not so good) and I open the resulted pdf with AD all the colors are CMYK. Thank's again
  7. @ toltec: is a vector @ MikeW: thank you for your answer, but if I export a pdf with the Honor Spot Color and I open the pdf with AD (1.5.5), the colors are always pantone and not CMYK (see screenshots)
  8. Hi, sometimes some public administrations send me their logo to put it in my brochures. With AD how I can understand if there is a pantone color? And how I can convert it to a CMYK color? Thank's Paolo
  9. psaldari

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    As always you done a great job! My congrats for your presentation on the WWDC 2017. Only a question: why in euros I pay more then dollars? (I'm not angry, its only for my curiosity)
  10. Try to export as photoshop file (.psd).Hope it works. Paolo
  11. Well, I write to Mister Retro and I ask their support for Affinity Photo. Paolo
  12. Hi MJSfoto 1956, thank you for your replay, the "/" trick (without quotes) in the preferences is already done and nothing change... Paolo
  13. Hi, I have tried to see if Machine Wash plugin works on Affinity Photo 1.5.1 (Mac). I successfully entered my SN but the plugin ask me to download and install the latest version. OK, I download the latest version and installed it, but the window message where it ask me to upgrade appears every time I launch the plugin (see screenshot). Anyone can tell me if there is a way to use this plugin? Thank's Paolo
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    Thank you Henry :)
  15. psaldari

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    Each time it gets better and better. Thank you!