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  1. Hi, thanks it seems so. I had to add new fill colour using that mask layer. Maybe Affinity apps are not recognising something by default? Unfortunately I can't share my file for this time, but I have seen similar kind of stuffs when I used to use Illustrator. It had some strange name I can't remember anymore. Maybe overlay or something.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering why Affinity Photo and Designer are opening PDF file in different colour than I can see it on MacOS native Preview app? File is package print design I got from client in PDF format. I believe it has been made originally using Illustrator. When I open it in Designer I see extra red layer with blending mode multiply over graphic layer. Not sure what is it's purpose. Any idea what I'm dealing with? Best, Juha
  3. Just like pan tool, it would be great to have sticky shortcut for zoom tool. Simply keeping z key down to zoom and after releasing it, it wil jump back to what ever tool you had before zooming. Note: It will work already, but it's keeping "error sound" and I can't zoom out with alt.
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