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  1. UlrikBrondum

    Test Photo Manipulation Affinity Photo

    Absolutely beautiful, could be great with some tutorials or learning articles on techniques for building this kind of creative photos In Affinity Photo ...
  2. UlrikBrondum

    Painted by hand in Affinity Photo

    Beautiful work David!
  3. UlrikBrondum

    Lighthouse A3 poster

    Thank you all, it's nice to get feedback here in the "switching period" from Adobe to Affinity.
  4. UlrikBrondum

    Lighthouse A3 poster

    Thanks Happy Kitten, I appreciate your feedback.
  5. Lighthouse A3 poster
  6. Really nice with many details!
  7. UlrikBrondum

    New Branding for Affinity

    It always takes a little time to get used to something new, I felt better about the old logos. The logo is not important for me, it is your software, tools and UI which is important.
  8. UlrikBrondum

    The battle begins..

    Cool work!
  9. UlrikBrondum

    3 doggies

  10. UlrikBrondum

    Classic aeroplane in Affinity Designer

  11. UlrikBrondum

    Classic aeroplane in Affinity Designer

    GRScott, thanks for your feedback.
  12. UlrikBrondum

    Classic aeroplane in Affinity Designer

    I have seen it in your roadmap, and look forward to it, because most of what I do is printed. Besides this, I am impressed over AD and love the way the tools almost do the work for me.
  13. UlrikBrondum

    Classic aeroplane in Affinity Designer

    Thank you Retrograde
  14. My first work in Affinity Designer. In my search for alternatives to Adobe's Creative Clouds (without monthly payments subscriptions) is Affinity Designer the tool for me to replace Illustrator. The only thing I miss in Affinity Designer, is better print and export opportunities with crop marks and bleed options.