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  1. Go to the Image menu and click on “Use RAW as original”. Toward the bottom of the list. Click the button with the ellipsis (…) and choose “Edit in Affinity Photo”. The instructions will tell you to open Affinity Photo. When you open Affinity, the image will be open in the Develop Persona
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by manually doing this. Is this the video you say is of no help? https://youtu.be/J20_T-YQSYw
  3. hiya eddietheone, If you are just starting out playing with layers, instead of using a black or white brush, try using a gray one and see if that gives you any ideas.
  4. Hi Drw. If you use the export item under the file menu in the photo persona, your settings will stay. The export persona is generally used for blogging and internet transfer, slicing parts of an image and reduces the file size. Hope that's helpful.
  5. Hiya Lee D. Running Photo Beta 1.5 (RC 1) and the fix hasn't made it in yet. Any idea when it might get fixed. Not being pushy.... just anticipating. ;)
  6. Thanks, Lee D. So glad you could reproduce it, and it wasn't just me. So I guess I don't have to buy a new computer. ;)
  7. Okay, so I found a work around that I can work with. Apparently, this phenomenon only happens if I have the screen set to full screen. Turning off full screen removes the clicking turning the tools on and off. FYI, the same works for the beta 8. Still not sure why it happens on full screen though. :blink:
  8. Hiya Patrick Connor. Yep, I'm using Photo 1.4.3 on Sierra !0.12.1. Also, check my note to LilleG.
  9. i'm guessing it may have to do with a system file, LilleG, because it worked on beta 7 but now Beta 8 does the same thing as 1.4.3. :unsure:
  10. Weird. Weird. Weird. For some unknown reason, my tools (left of screen) started to appear and disappear with each click.This is with "dock tools" unchecked. If I dock the tools, it works fine, but I prefer using 2 columns and docking only allows me 1 column. I have tried: • Restarting while holding down control key. •Removing 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist' and restarting. •Deleting the app and re-downloading from Apple. No change. Any ideas or suggestions?
  11. MelG

    Basic Panel Misplacement

    Great, MEB. > Issue logged to be looked at. Thanx.
  12. I have only recently noticed this since I rarely use Separated Mode and have only added a second monitor to my work environment in the past few days. When opening a raw file, in the Develop Persona and in Separated Mode, the Basic Panel positions itself in the middle of the screen and runs from the top to bottom of the screen. I cannot reach the top of the panel to close it, nor can I move it. I am able to extend either side edge, but that’s all. This behavior is repeatable on my machine on both the MAS and Beta versions (1.4.1 and 1.4.2 beta 4) of Affinity Photo. I have tried: * restarting Affinity Photo * starting up Affinity from launch while holding control key * restarting the computer (MacBook Pro) * reinstalling Affinity Photo I should note that this happens whether or not I am using one monitor or two. Any ideas? TIA
  13. MelG

    Mail Share Not Functioning

    Thanks for checking with other mail clients Chris_K, and I appreciate your passing it on to the developers. It's not a part of the program that I use that often, but at least I know now it's not just me. ;)
  14. The Mail share item is not functioning in Photo or Designer as it does in my other apps. Apple’s Mail app is not my default mailer. I am using Airmail 2 as my default mailer. Airmail 2 offers two options in all the apps I have, when attempting to email something via the share menu. They are: ° Airmail Composer ° Airmail Share These two items show up in the share menu in all my apps that allow sharing (except for Affinity Photo/Designer) and function as expected. In both of my Affinity apps, just the item Mail appears and selecting it will not bring up any mail window therefore the item cannot be mailed. Other items in the share menu DO seem to be working as expected. I’ve included images from Apple Photos, Pixave and Affinity Designer to illustrate what I am describing.