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  1. Why does it seem impossible to select the actual size of a print that you want. I have set the print to custom and adjusted the photo to the size by clicking the pixal box and then chosing ie ins and cropping the photo to the size I want. When it prints it is not at the size I set and the help section doesn't seem to have any info on it of any use. Edward Walker
  2. Hi. I am trying to take a photo on an A4 page and display it as 4 separate photos on another page. I dont seem able to do that but I seem to rememmber in Page Plus you could do that. If someone could point my in the right direction please I will be grateful. Page plus is not on this new computer or I would check my memory is not playing tricks. I tried to do it with tables but that didnt work. Cheers Edward
  3. OK I can now say this might not be an affinity problem as I only seem to get the message when I upload photos with Nikons ViewNX 2 program. It doesn't appear when I upload straight to affinity. So many thanks for the help so far. I will go to Nikons help now and see what help is there Cheers Edward Walker
  4. Well trust this to happen. I just tried loading a few raw files and the message didn't appear. So I took a few more sitting here in the lounge and they uploaded ok as well. Not sure now when I had my last affinity update. Not that long back as I only use this laptop for photos and a few other things so it can go a week or so before it is used. I am doing some photos over Xmas with family so I will see what happens in a weeks time. No matter what I will let you know what the result is and thank you for the help. I just hate it when errors cannot be reproduced. Cheers Edward Walker
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have a nikon d500. I have checked the lists and the camera is listed as well as the 3 lens I have. That being so what is the next thing to check? Cheers Edward
  6. Hi Affinity 1.6 on windows 10. Nikon NEF raw files. Every time I use Affinity and import a nef raw file I get the message "Lens control profiles missing. This file cannot be edited as a raw file. Can anyone please tell me how to get these profiles so I can edit as a raw file. Cheers Edward Walker
  7. Thanks for the answers and apologies for the delay in replying. I will get back with answers this week to try and get to the bottom of it all Edward
  8. Can anyone explain why affinity is so slow to do anything. I have w10 and the latest version of affinity but it has always been the same. Right from day 1 it takes ages to load. That would not really matter but loading a single raw file is truly slow. If I try to open a batch of say 6 photos all at once then its away with the fairies for so long I have to give up on it. Also constant "not responding" notes keep flashing up on the top of the screen. All the other Serif stuff over the years have never been like this so I wonder is there a setting I need to change to fix this please?? Edward Walker
  9. Thanks once again to everyone I will hopefully get back to this project in the next week or two and I will tell you all if I have succeeded which I should do with the info you have all given me.
  10. Thanks John I do not seem able to put a picture on the top layer. I open a base photo and then open a new layer and the next picture just overwrites the lot so I am doing it wrong somehow. I went to the video tutorials so I will have to get back there and see where I am going wrong later on Edward
  11. Thanks to everyone for your replies and sorry I have been a bit slow in replying but life has been dragging me off in another direction and preventing me from getting on with my photo projects' Having read my question again I can see I could have listed it a bit better to make it more understandable. I was playing around with the layers as I thought that was where it would be done. What I want to do is have one picture and then be able to put a faint image over the top. I suppose an example might be a watermark on a banknote, it is there but very faint and visible when held to the light. I want to do that kind of thing but not quite so faint. The image needs to be transparent so that the top image does not block any of the first photo. Hopefully I have explained it better now and I hope to try out the suggestions this week and I will post how I get on Edward
  12. Hi I want to open a photo in Affinity and then open another one on top of that and be able to alter the top one to make it fainter etc. I have been through the layers videos as I thought it would be there but have not found it. All I seem to be able to do is replace one photo with the other. So if someone could point me to whatever video covers this I would be very grateful Edward
  13. These Tutorials are just what the doctor ordered to get us fully into the prog I feel. A great help. My use of the prog beta so far:- I think this is the jump Serif needed to make with its programs. I am going to enjoy the features more than I do in PP as it seems a lot more versatile. No glitches to file so far it is working fine. Great work Serif Edward
  14. Many thanks now I know what to look for. I don't know if this feature is in any of the Page Plus programs but I think it is a good one Edward
  15. Hi Not sure quite how to describe this or what it's real title is Just clicking my way around infinity as you do and entering text and manipulation sizes and shapes etc and suddenly the text was leaning. It was the sides and the top side of the box that moved while the bottom side stayed still. How did I do that please as I cannot redo it and I don't know what I clicked in the first place to make it happen. I thought it was a cool feature and would like to experiment some more. Tried the help section but without knowing what the feature is called I cannot find anything. Cheers Eddie
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