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  1. That is indeed an interesting article. I am going to see how Photos performs but may well fall back on using Photo Mechanic to handle images prior to development and then just add jpegs on Photos of the developed image leaving me with the original raw and *.afphoto files to come back to if required.
  2. Perfect, that works! Thank you. Peter H
  3. Thank you R C-R; I may be being a little dense here but what do you mean by 'Use the Edit in Affinity Photo extension'? Peter H
  4. As a new, and very happy, convert to Affinity from the Creative Cloud I have a question!! Leaving Lightroom CC I have now lost a viewer for all my photos from whatever source. In Lr these are hosted in the Cloud and easily viewed and shared without having to have an enormous hard-drive! Having moved to Affinity I needed somewhere to 'hold' the photos from where they could be viewed and shared. I chose Apple Photos and all is fine; all photos from my phone go there automatically and I can import RAW files directly form my camera. Photos also holds the originals in the Cloud when space is at a premium. If I right click on one of these RAW files in Photos, and select Edit in Affinity, the photo opens in the Photos Persona and not in the Develop Persona. I have to then click on Develop Persona to edit the RAW file. Is this an expected behaviour when using Photos and do I lose anything in the image editing by having to select the Develop Persona? As an aside, has anyone got a suggestion for storage other than Photos? Peter H

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