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  1. I can not wait to test the affinity Publisher. I hope it's as good as Affinity Information and Affinity Photo!
  2. Wow! I was expecting much so I will buy today! = ) Congratulations to the whole team ! Now it is now awaiting the release of Beta Affinity Publisher. :D
  3. I fully agree with you. First three products running well and serving well. I give more strength to the future something very interesting and easy to use web-design. = )
  4. I am waiting anxious to test the Affinity Publisher and to complete the Affinity package. It would be great if they could also launch a software for web- design. Something like Dreamweaver or rather Blocs and Pinegrow . Are there any plans for this?
  5. Hello friends! I apologize to the designer who created these new icons, but like much of the old. The new seemed a study, not something ready . Wel, if approved, I have to get used to them then.
  6. That's right, buddy. You need to practice forever. Search for design references ... on Google itself you will find a lot of good to study. Study also art history, helps a lot in defining styles. Buy books on design, typography, illustration ... And the main, always put love in every art created by you!
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