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  1. I'm so glad I was able to help some people out with my little pack! If you've got any questions it would probably be a better idea to tweet me @ynnkw (i hope that's allowed) because I'm online most of the time at the moment. I hope MEB answered your question about the brush problem :)
  2. Hey guys, I made this wallpaper today, as you can see it is AHS themed. I like the outcome even if it is nothing too special, what do you think? I worked with pretty much only live filters, with a great performance! You can see some of my layer mess on the screenshot lol. I hope you like it, feel free to download it and use it, the size is for iPhone 6 ^^ I don't know if external links are allowed, if yes I would provide a link to the google drive download :)
  3. Hey guys, I recently made a logo design for myself in affinity designer. I will mostly use it for my ident on behance, twitter and youtube. Any thoughts on this one? For a closer look and different versions check out my behance: www.behance.net/yannikw
  4. Hey guys, I created a spotify redesign lately and just wanted to share it! for a better overview check out the behance project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/28672787/Spotify-Redesign-Flat-Design would love to get some opinions! :)
  5. Yannik

    Icon App Affinity Designer

    really like it ^^ but there is a heart as a shape in AD so you dont have to create it by hand :)
  6. love the minimalistic work :) good job :)
  7. Hey guys, i just wanted to get some feedback for a monogram logo i made for fictional clothing brand. i tried to design it in this hipster style, i really like that style so yeah :D The logo design itself was made in designer and this little presentation in photo.
  8. Hey, I just wanted to share a simple creation I have made with Affinity Photo. I dont know how to call it so I named in Manipulation :D Just want to hear your opinion ^^
  9. Yannik

    Social Media Template 2015

    thankyou :)
  10. as i already mentioned in the title im a newbie when it comes to logo design :D but i try to improve with every design ^^
  11. No it's not a real company, I made it for a YouTube designer but he wanted something more religious so we are working on that at the moment :)
  12. just want to collect some opinions ^^ i really like that style of logo design but what about you guys?
  13. Yep I'm using 1.1.2, because i forgot to update everytime :) Resetting the user settings helped :D