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  1. It does not have a specific font I removed all and I activate some for tests, if I identify I give a return.
  2. I removed all the fonts and left only the defaults of windows, from now I will use a font manager, apparently the problem disappeared, I will continue testing, I am very grateful for the
  3. Vou tentar seguir estes passos. Eu tenho muitas fontes instaladas, mas muitas até. Esse poderia ser o problema?
  4. Hi, so I downloaded it straight through the affinity website. When the affinity closes it does not display any messages, it simply closes. If I right click and ask to open the affinity it opens and closes. It loads the logo of the affinity showing the version, so it loads the fonts it closes.
  5. is independently, currently the affinity designer is what most presents the problem.
  6. I have a problem with both Affinity designer and Affinity photo for Windows I use windows 10 all the updated drivers already tried several things but without success. When opening Affinity for the first time it opens normal, but if I close and try to open it again it opens and closes. Then I need to restart the pc for it to reopen.
  7. Hello Friend!! Thank you very much problem solved! :D
  8. PT - Vamos como fazer uma Thumbnail no Affinity Designer, lembrado que uma Miniatura de Vídeo bem produzida é um ponto muito importante para o sucesso do seu vídeo no Youtube! EN - Let's do a Thumbnail in Affinity Designer, remembered that a well-produced Video Thumbnail is a very important point for the success of your Youtube video! https://youtu.be/UWQ3cAcW6TI
  9. Hello everyone, I created a channel on youtube and I will put some tutorials on Affinity. Follows the first video. https://goo.gl/vKPmd5 tutorial_mockup.zip
  10. I have the same problem on my Macbook Pro Retina :unsure:
  11. Study | My Small Sea #affinityPhoto 100% Affinity Photo
  12. Concept Fox Designer Affinity Designer fox.afdesign
  13. File link to download!!! http://www.airtonmaia.com.br/freebies/id-258371/download_fox_affinity_designer
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