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  1. When I sent my PDF, created with the PDF/X-1a option, to the print service, they sent it back (after they re-served it as a PDF again, as part of their proofing process), and it once again showed the washed out look with the one photo. So I used the Export Persona and then used the PDF flattened option and sent it agin. That time the proof came back looking as it should so we placed the print order. I'll post again if there are any further problems.
  2. Excellent! Sorry I searched for it in the forums but did not find it.
  3. I'm finding that when I create a custom style, the stroke colour and fill colour are applied, but not the stroke width.
  4. Thanks! Someone else did the video compositing, I just had to make the spinning globe. The composite image is just a screen grab from a half-res rough cut.
  5. Ha! You know I DIDN'T! Why didn't I? What can I say.. it really was late!
  6. Thanks for the quick response. I guess I shouldn't post the original publicly as I don't own the rights to the photographs.
  7. A friend of mine is making a no-budget Star Wars fan film. He likes to make models of ships and sets but of course there were a few things that required some digital effects. One thing he needed (and he needed it in a hurry!) was an animated "hologram" of the planet Coruscant (a planet completely coved by a giant city). I used Affinity Photo making heavy use of the Pixel Tool and the Mirror Distort (I wish I'd kept better track of the steps, but it was late and I was working fast!). I made three or four different small patterns like the two shown on the left. Then I copy pasted the patterns several times changing their scale and distributing them around the canvas. Next I used the eraser to remove small and large sections of the patterns to make them look different. More layers and shifted copies. Then a layer of just straight lines connecting "hubs". Finaly the pattern was colour adjusted to be bright red (I didn't want to stare a bright red the entire time I was working on it). The pattern was UV mapped onto a sphere in Blender and then animated with a slow 360 degree revolution on a tilted axis. The animation was later composed over the live action shot of Princess Leia, who was filmed with a red light shining on her.
  8. The print service has requested CMYK exported as "High Quality PDF". The design has 2 photos, lots of text (converted to curves) and a few vector elements. When I use the "PDF (for print)" export option, the resulting PDF has the strange result you see attached. When I use the "PDF/X-1a" option, the resulting PDF appears to be as expected. I'm going to send this version to the print service. I am, however, curious about what is causing this issue with the "PDF (for print)" option. Id it possible that this is a problem only with the display, and that it would still print correctly? At any rate I did not want to test that theory on 1000 CD sleeves. This is not an emergency unless the manufacturers says they have an issue with the PDF version I am sending. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a series of paper craft robots. Three years ago I made a Santa Clause robot, then a reindeer robot, and this year I've added elf robots. The fold patterns were created in SketchUp, and the artwork was done in both AP and AD. All the textures are assembled from photos that I am constantly shooting.
  10. Hey thanks, George! So I've been doing a bit of everything since forever. I've always been sort of your basic "utility" artist... I've learned how to do just about everything, but never really focused on any one technique enough to be truly profecient in it. Since I started with AD, I find I'm trying a bit harder.
  11. A group or artists, including myself, all of whom are affiliated with a local art gallery, are collectively creating a set of alphabet illustrations for one of the people who works there. The alphabet collection is a gift for her soon-to-be-born child. Most of the works will be drawings or paintings on paper. I am one of the few people in the group working with digital illustration. I thought this would be a good project to give my new copy of Affinity Designer a try. Obviously my letter is "R". I still have plenty to learn, but I am truly enjoying working with AD so far.
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