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  1. It's good to see Affinity making progress with their software and the upcoming page layout program looks promising. I am using Affinity Designer as my main drawing program now and for the most part enjoying it, but to say it's a better program than Illustrator at the moment simply isn't true. There are still improvements to be made and I hope Affinity are in this for the long haul.
  2. placodus page 5.aplacodus page 5.afdesignfdesign
  3. You really need to be able to apply outline mode to specific layers in a file. This is a feature from illustrator that I really miss when working in Affinity Designer. Hopefully it will be included in a future update.
  4. Hi Advanced Member Thanks for your feedback, advice and kind words. I really like Helvetica. Jim
  5. Morning Daryl Thanks for your comments on my book cover. As far as the font goes my main concern is readability. As this will be the cover for an iTunes iBook all the potential viewer has to look at is a small thumbnail on the store page. Helvetica may seem a little uninspired but it is clear and simple. Jim
  6. Hi retrograde Thanks for the feedback. I've found that you need to trend carefully with the weight of the outline strokes in this kind of illustration. A bit too much can make a character look completely isolated from the rest of the composition. Jim
  7. The cover for a children's eBook.
  8. Good morning Affinity The lock, unlock all really needs to be fixed. The current keyboard shortcut does not work and going through the layers palette to find the locked item (especially in complex illustrations) is extremely painful. I used this feature all the time in Illustrator and it's something that really needs to be addressed in Affinity Designer. I am using the current beta of Designer and the problem is still there. Hopefully it can be fixed in future updates. Thanks Jim
  9. I really hope the ability to apply outline mode to individual layers will be a feature in future versions of Designer. Coming from being a long term Illustrator user this is something i really miss. Apart from this and a few other small things I'm really enjoying using Affinity Designer. Thanks for all the hard work and updates. Jim
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