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  1. Hi there, That is hapening because the Artboard is not positioned in whole y and x pixels, but there is an easy fix. Just folow these steps if you have more than one Artboard: Method 1 (harder, but good for documents with two or three Artboards) Select the Artboard number one (that is the one the top of your layer panel) Open Transform panel (View>Studio>Transform): you will noticed that its position is X=0 and Y=0 right? (if its not you're not selecting the Artboard on the top of your laer panel) - The step above is ONLY for verification: what you want is make sure the other Artboards are also with X and Y positions with WHOLE pixels. To do that select the second Artboard and force the X and Y values to whole values (you'll notice that these positions have broken values, so delete the dots and the value after that Done - you can export without that anoying white border Method 2 (faster, good for multiple Artboards) Select all Artboards Select Align Select Align Horizontally, then enter a whole value into the field (do the same for the Align Vertically if needed) Done - all your Artboards are now positioned into whole pixes I hope that helps,
  2. Hi there, According to your screenshot you are in Wire Frame view mode. Just click on the button to deactivate it.
  3. Hi there, I'd love to be able to integrate the Assets Panel with my DropBox and/or Google Drive, so I could have it sync across devices and apps. Today, I have to manually sync it to storage assets for different clients/projects. With a cloud system we could also share assets with other team members or the Affinity Community. I hope the AF team consider something like that in the future versions. Cheers, Reminous
  4. Hi there! I find myself using 'Lock Children' all the time... I wish we had a way to do a shortcut for out of that so I don't need to rely finding on top panel. By the way, this feature cannot be found in any menu also, which pretty unusual. I guess that should at least be placed somewhere in the Layers panel no?
  5. Hi there, I wish we had the Persona to mirror artboards to mobile devices. I think that would be a huge feature for most UX designers out there...
  6. H there, I wish we could rename the artboards when doubling click over its name direct from the canvas instead depending on the layer panel to do so... It would be much more intuitive! Reminous
  7. Hi there, Linking objects it's a common feature in some other layer based softwares and I don't use it very much... however, sometimes this is the only way to achieve what we want. It's different from grouping objects because sometimes you might want to move/scale to elements together from different layer for example. I know we can do it by selecting objects manually, but it's kind of annoying repeating this process every time... so, I'd love to just see a chain icon somewhere in the layer panel to make life a bit easier. Reminous.
  8. Hi there, You can actually achieve that today using two different methods: 1) Create your design using objects and artistic text, then group them and apply constraints (View/Studio/Constraints). Then set the text to not scale, you might want to constraint the left and top position as well. I bet that this would be de most common method since you're doing UX and the constraints were actually build with that in mind. 2) You could simple create your design with frame text instead artistic text... Then you just select your objects (group it if you want) and scale the whole think without worrying because the text frame will expand/stretch but the text will remain the same. If you want to scale the text, you can do it by using the second marker on the corner. I did two quick videos to illustrate it better. I hope it solves your problem! method 1.mov method 2.mov
  9. Hi there, Try selecting your objects, then click on "Alignment" button on the Tool Bar, then uncheck "Auto Distribute" for "Align Horizontal" (or vertical) then set any value the slide field... Should have the job done.
  10. Hi 99Combo, I also use AF for social medias. In my case I created an artboard template with everything I usually like background, text, logo, etc... then all you need to do is create an Asset. If you are a freak like myself, you would find very interesting create a new category for each client... After your artboard/asset is created, all you need to do is create any AF document with 72DPI/RGB and then drag our artboard into the document. I hope it helps! Reminous
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