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    If you aren't that great with computers then I would wait until the release version comes out and not worry about the Beta unless you have a desperate need for a new function it offers. Beta's are generally only suitable for those who are more comfortable with the software and who don't mind coming across (and helping to diagnose) the odd problem that may still exist within the software. Hopefully by the time the Release version of 1.7 is available, the bugs that you might come across will have been fixed. Clive
  2. The size of your image (shown at the top left) is 160 x 120 pixels so it is, understandably, pixelated and it does not look like an Affinity problem. Where did the image come from? If a jpeg from your camera have you got it set to an extremely low quality setting? You should find that if you open a higher resolution file that you don't have the same issue. Clive
  3. Thanks Jon. It didn't do it again (no restart needed) when I updated to 257 so perhaps just a transient thing. Clive
  4. Thanks for the update - I've just installed on Win 10. Installation went fine but it restarted Windows as part of the installation process with no option for me to delay until a more convenient time. Not a big issue but would obviously be better to give the user control over when the restart takes place. Clive
  5. I have experienced frequent crashes of the latest version (238) running on Win 10 today. I have been working on a document which was originally created from a (60+ page) PDF and the problem seems to be with some of the images from that original document. I have cut the document down in size and seem to be able to reproduce the problem very regularly (if not quite 100%). To do this open the attached document, scroll down on the Pages navigation pane on the left hand side and double click on page 4. Most of the time when I do this Publisher just quits (no error message etc). Occasionally it does work as expected (in which case I closed the document, re-opened and it happened again). Note that I do no editing or make any changes - just double click on the offending page. Also, navigating around the text pages works as expected, just this one image page in this document has the problem. The document has had a lot of pages deleted to allow me to attach it. Some other pages do seem to have the same problem but they always contain images from when the original PDF was opened. However, not all pages with such images cause the crash. I can provide (privately) a copy of the larger document if that would help. Crashing document.afpub
  6. I want to create a table which spreads over 2 or 3 pages but can't find any way to do this. I'd assumed I could link 2 tables, in a similar manner to text frames, but it doesn't seem possible. Am I just stuck manually splitting the data over 2 or 3 separate tables? Thanks