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  1. To be quite honest with you I've given up on Affinity Designer. I use Affinity Photo and Publisher a bit but the DrawPlus x?, etc serve me very well. I still use WebPlus and MoviePlus and DrawPlus and Photoplus all work well together. I have no problem saving with these apps on any of my hard drives, internal or external nor of moving files from one to another.
  2. It seems that there is no answer to the problem I raised or at least all suggestions have long since dried up.
  3. Hi Clive. I have three external drives, generally used for different purposes (all USB connected). I have no problem saving to these drives and downloading from them, or moving files between them, with a considerable number of applications including All the Serif applications pre Affinity.(I have been using and updating all the Serif application since they were first launched). So I use the drives for Web Sites, Photo Editing, producing posters and booklets. I have no save/recover problems with these on any of the drives or my 'C' Drive.. I occasionally use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I use music creation and editing and sound editing applications, screen capture and OCR applications and have no problems with these. So a large number of file formats are OK. I have tried a simple creation in Affinity Design a number of times but the same problem persists on all my drives. Files I created in Affinity Publisher and Photo have no problems. Non of my drives are anywhere near full. The icon which appeared shows no attributes except the Affinity design - it has no information of file size or type. There have been other threads concerning 'save' problems but not the same as mine.
  4. Hi Alecia. I have had similar problems as outlined in this post. I received a couple of suggestions but they have not helped solved the issue so I've just given up and gone back to the earlier Serif Page Plus, Web Plus, etc..
  5. I spend much of my life creating posters, booklets, films, PowerPoints and other productions as well as editing old photographs and ones of my own. Some of these since first starting this post. These are always saved to my external hard drive and retrieved from there without problem so the 'Save as' problem with Affinity Designer is not the connection between my computer and the hard drive. I've also tried saving the creations from yesterday onto my computer hard drive with the same results.
  6. Thanks John but I am using an external hard drive connected via a USB. I save files from a number of apps including all the Serif Page Plus, Movie Plus, Web Plus, etc and Word documents, without any problem so the connection can hardly be at fault and there is massive free space. Bill
  7. I have at last decided to get to grips with Affinity after using DrawPlus , etc for years. My first introduction not good. In Designer I spent some time creating a new but simple effort (It included a photograph from my hard drive, some text, a graphic I created and some blocks of colour.) and then 'Saved as'. I gave a name for the document and selected a folder. I got messages asking should this and that be saved to which I answered yes. (I fancy because I let some items extend beyond the page). An icon appeared in the folder but when I tried later it would not load back in to Designer. So I created another, similar document (a bit quicker this time) and tried to save that with a new name. I got the message 'Save failed because access to the file was lost.' Yet the new icon was in the folder with its new name. But that won't open either. I'm using Windows 10 on a desk top computer and saving to an external drive. Help please.
  8. Alternately in Publisher:- Open a Landscape page. Open a table using the Table Tool. Delete/Add columns in the table so that there are three columns. Stretch and position the table so that it fits across the page. This will give a good division of the page in to three. OR Create a rectangle about the size of one third of the page. Copy and paste it twice so that you have three identical rectangles. Arrange them neatly/touching side by side. Join the three and adjust them to fit the page. Now work in the three rectangles. (They can be removed if not wanted once the document is designed). Repeat for the other side of the document. You will have to work out where the front page of the trifold should be in your design and similarly the other pages. Unfortunately Designer has no way of creating a rectangle divided into columns and rows as did DrawPlus and using the table creating tool in Publisher is a stop gap method.
  9. I have posted a similar query a few days ago but cannot find it or any responses. Trouble is that those of us who used 'DrawPlus' for years for trifold flyers had at our disposal an automatic trifold creation tool. Simply click on that type of document, amongst many other - two fold, four fold, multipage folded booklets, etc. - and each page could be created after which DrawPlus printed (chose to print on both sides of the paper) out a perfect trifold document on A4 paper. Or create a .pdf version and send the file to a printer for printing of large numbers. I created trifolds for a couple of charities for many years using DrawPlus and still do but it is a real complication with Designer of Publisher
  10. How is a tri-fold publication created in any of the three Affinity Apps? Like it was possible in DrawPlus
  11. Yes I found that I could open pdf files from DrawPlus in Affinity and then edit them. As to the gallery items does this mean that there will be no 'Gallery' in Affinity. I have built up a large number of items in DrawPlus over the years and to have to use DrawPlus to drag an item onto a page, export as pdf and then add it to a page in Affinity is a bit convoluted.
  12. I have used Serif Apps for years and always had the most up-to-date versions. Yesterday I downloaded Affinity Designer. It looks very good but .... I cannot open my old DrawPlus files into Affinity to edit. They simply import as a picture, the separate items of which I cannot edit - text frames, picture frames, etc. PDF files will open in Affinity and can be edited. I cannot open 'My Gallery', created in DrawPlus, or any galleries in Affinity. The 'Cut' tool from DrawPlus seems to be missing from Affinity. I found this tool very useful. I might be missing something and look forward to being pointed in the right direction but until then I will have start again from scratch on many items I constantly use and edit, forget my, or any, Gallery creations manage without the 'cut' tool.
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