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  1. H there, I wish we could rename the artboards when doubling click over its name direct from the canvas instead depending on the layer panel to do so... It would be much more intuitive! Reminous
  2. Hi there, I noticed that selecting a text with no color, but with stroke does not show as selected if you try to select any other object altogether. Sending a screenshot to explain if better. Reminous
  3. Hi there, Linking objects it's a common feature in some other layer based softwares and I don't use it very much... however, sometimes this is the only way to achieve what we want. It's different from grouping objects because sometimes you might want to move/scale to elements together from different layer for example. I know we can do it by selecting objects manually, but it's kind of annoying repeating this process every time... so, I'd love to just see a chain icon somewhere in the layer panel to make life a bit easier. Reminous.
  4. Hi there, You can actually achieve that today using two different methods: 1) Create your design using objects and artistic text, then group them and apply constraints (View/Studio/Constraints). Then set the text to not scale, you might want to constraint the left and top position as well. I bet that this would be de most common method since you're doing UX and the constraints were actually build with that in mind. 2) You could simple create your design with frame text instead artistic text... Then you just select your objects (group it if you want) and scale the whole think without worrying because the text frame will expand/stretch but the text will remain the same. If you want to scale the text, you can do it by using the second marker on the corner. I did two quick videos to illustrate it better. I hope it solves your problem! method 1.mov method 2.mov
  5. reminous

    Align Space

    Hi there, Try selecting your objects, then click on "Alignment" button on the Tool Bar, then uncheck "Auto Distribute" for "Align Horizontal" (or vertical) then set any value the slide field... Should have the job done.
  6. reminous

    Colour palete

    Hi there, I was wondered why the colour palete look different in AffinityPhoto if compared with AffinityDesigner (and Publisher)... I can understand that on AP, you may use this palete to switch colour between your brush tool, however, I also have to confess that I'm always confused when I need to change the stroke a color of a shape from that same palete... Maybe it would be a good idea have this palete smart and change its appearance when a shape is selected so we would have the AffinityDesigner look?
  7. reminous

    Colour palete

    About that... I see it as a downside to be honest.
  8. I was just login in to report this same problem... we can no longer drag stuff to the Assets Panel
  9. Hi there, When I try to set a shortcut for a tool using SHIFT, or COMMAND I got a red icon saying it's not possible... it was possible before (as shown on the attachment), I could for example set the Blur tool to "SHIFT + R". Is that a bug?
  10. Did I read "Arrowheads"?? OMG! Seems so simple, yet so nice to count with it! Thanks a lot for the news!!
  11. reminous

    problems with accentuation of words

    The accentuation thing is happening with me too... any accentuation (usually needed in Portuguese or Spanish) generate a apostrophe... I'm using a U.S International keyboard setup.
  12. Hi 99Combo, I also use AF for social medias. In my case I created an artboard template with everything I usually like background, text, logo, etc... then all you need to do is create an Asset. If you are a freak like myself, you would find very interesting create a new category for each client... After your artboard/asset is created, all you need to do is create any AF document with 72DPI/RGB and then drag our artboard into the document. I hope it helps! Reminous
  13. Hi there, I noticed that we need to actually select the text with the text tool and not just click on the text in order to space the characters using the shortcut. Reminous
  14. reminous

    Collapse All

    I agree with you... little things that means a lot on the workflow.
  15. reminous

    Letter spacing bug

    Well, the behaviour on the current version is different from the Beta version... The way it is right now you have to "enter" the text with text tool, selecting the whole thing, then applying the character spacing... Before, all you needed to do was select the text with the moving tool and use a shortcut. Now, I understand the mess you suggested, however, would be easier for you not to select more than one text at once, if prefer not to do so, than be forced to do it many times, let's say in 20 different instances, one by one. So my option would be: yes, the way it is right now is very arduous in cases like that.
  16. First of all, AD is getting better and better... However, going through the beta version I'd love to see a few things some of us have been craving since the first version. 1) Lines with arrowheads (pleaaaaaase) 2) Text warp (huge) 3) Layer panel improvements: I'd love to have an option to view only layers for the active Artboard... or at least have a better UX to represent Artboards, Layers, Pixel Layers, Groups, etc, right now it's quite confusing managing it since they all look pretty much the same - specially when you have multiple artboards 4) Colapse / Extend all layers at once (super useful) 5) Hide artboards - and not just its content 6) Rotate guide lines 7) Adding/Overlap multiple effects - apply a multiple layers of shadows on the same effect command There is much I know... If you guys agree or have any more request I'd love to hear from the community. Thanks! Reminous
  17. Hi guys, Question... is there any shorcut, or shortcut combo to fill a marquee selection or we always have to use the "Flood Fill Tool"? Thanks, Reminous
  18. Hi there, I keep finding myself messing with unwanted layers from others artboards when working in a document with multiple artworks... Is there a way to set the layers panel show only layers from the active artboard? Reminous
  19. Hi there, Not sure if anyone notice, but we have a bug when typing especial characters like "é", "á", "ó" on Publisher... These are very common characters in Portuguese (some in Spanish too). I'm using a "U.S International - PC" keyboard on my mac right now and the output when trying the combination keys for é is currently 'é I'm attaching a sample of what I'm trying to achieve, but I'll be glad to provide more details if needed. Thanks Reminous
  20. I fell you... I've being syncing all my assets, shortcuts in a DropBox folder since I started using Affinity as my main application... and it sucks, because any change I do I have to remember to upload to the cloud and sometimes I just forget... however it is the best approach I've found for now.
  21. reminous

    Artboard Layout Panel

    I imagine that with a artboard panel (best approach I guess), the layers panel would show only layers from the selected artboard?
  22. Hi there, Wouldnt be nice if we could hide an Artboard? Sometimes I feel I need it in order to focus my attention in a specific artboard I am working on... The way it works now, we can only hide its content, so I guess it should make more sense if we could hide the entire thing instead. Reminous
  23. Hi! When working with many Artboards I just got lost in the layers panels sometimes, so I'm wondering if we could have these options to get life easier: In the settings, I'd love to have an option to make the layers visible only for the active Artboard; Rename the Artboard in the screen by double clicking over the edge of the page; A short cut to colapse all Layers from all Artboards of my document; When enlarging an Artboard, sometimes we over cross neighbor's Arboards (either from left, right, top or bottom). Id love to see AD organizing our mess by repositioning the Artboard according to previous spaces between them. The effect would look like pulling pages apart. Preview mode: I usually work with multiple Artboards, however, sometimes I wish I could see just one at the time to better focus or to show multiple suggestions (or a campaign) to my clients. May the force be with you! Reminous