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  1. "My family is doing digital pictures only since 2001. While we are far away from being semi-professionals, we "pimp" our pictures - at least some of them - from time to time for print-outs or because we took them for someone who is expecting to get a decent looking picture from us. We tag them and augment their meta-data. And we split work in the family and we like to see changes (including those another member has done) reflected on our screens. We need a chance to sync with a central store. We need a central store that is multi-user robust and syncable to our devices - at least to our computers! And this is one thing most other (not considering enterprise products, which costs a little fortune) are lacking. LR is not good at it (in fact it is one-ever-again-upcoming feature request), Pixave can't do it, Aperture was not good at it, Photos - forget Photos, iMatch: no (loved it though during my "Windows time"), digiKam - no. IDimager might have the potential, but they don't offer a family license and not making my living out of photos I can not find any reason to pay almost $ 1000 ($189 per user for 5 family members). For private, for hobby - not for commercial use: 5 users = $ 120 might work. You see, I've been through some DAM-tools over the years. So, with respect to this topic, I am not hoping for a LR competitor. I am hoping for a superior product." I have to fundamentally agree with this the real downside of lightroom is the ability to sync it across multiple computer, to allow my teenagers (who all have laptops as a requirement for school) to add photos to the same data management system and to switch from working on on the desktop to a lap top should I want take it on holiday with me, currently to do this with lightroom I have to copy the catalogue to a back up and paste it back when finished.... in the digital age this is really an antiquated system, and I found lightroom mobile quite difficult to use..... And yes we also moved to digital in and around 2001. And I too would hope that they would recognise the number of devices that those of us with teenager or older children have in out home, because as the internet age goes through they have had or have likely an iPad as well as a laptop from school and of course the phone - it would certainly be very nice if when creating yearly phonebook or one of our vacation if I could access and compare a photos taken by my teenagers in the DAM, select my favourite from the range of "cameras" to edit it in APh and then add it to a book in publisher, with the benefit of a comment they had added in the DAM. I am sure I am not the only parent for these features would save a lot of time.
  2. Purchased and to overcome the exchange rate someone else mentioned i used gift cards purchased at 20% off this week from woolworths.
  3. I prefer the older ones, for me the black edge seems harsh and the range of colours seems reduced in the new ones. Also the old ones were easier for those who don't know to work out what it is.
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