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  1. When will you fix the bug that Affinity Photo (and Designer as well) won't remember the location of the original file when trying to SAVE or EXPORT ? Any plans at all to fix these bugs?
  2. When will you work on the EXIF data problem, that means that the wrong resolution is stored in the EXIF after I have resampled from 4.000 ppi to 300 dpi? This is very important because many printing companies don't open the final TIFF and just send it to the RIP. This is how it should look in the EXIF:
  3. Thanks for the info, I'm having the same problem and thought it could be related to some weird setting in the Wacom panel.
  4. The world and tech stuff is becoming more complicated every day. And unfortunately I am not getting younger <sigh> Or maybe I should say that I didn't find my personal settings/options panel yet...
  5. BTW, if you could solve the bug with the EXIF Data as well it would be perfect (writing the correct resolution into the EXIF for printing)
  6. OK, this is somewhat complicated, but I could adjust the pressure part to be able to work with (brushes, stamp/clone) Setting the spacing to 10% removed the ugly blobs in the brush! Flow jitter already had been set to 100% Then I adjusted the curve to linear and now it seems to work! I'll try tonight the retouching of the LP cover again, but so far all I can say: Thanks ten tons for your assistance! Maybe this would make a nice and fundamental video for everyone who uses a tablet...
  7. Here we go. Task: I have to reproduce an old and famous LP cover. Reproduction is ok and finished, now the client wants me to extend the colors from the 33x33 cm square to the 55x55 cm square for a book cover. Getting close with radial gradients: Now I want a seamless blend of the remaining borders with the clone tool (brush). However, I can't dissolve the gradients to 0 by reducing the pressure: If I **could** use less pressure for more transparency of the color, it would be an easy task. Now I already surrendered and suggested to go with this version: So, if the pressure sensivity would be integrated into AP (and maybe even AD), this would be fantastic. And no, this is not my 'normal' service, usually I am just doing large format photography
  8. Hi Chris, I am using this hardware: My Mac My Wacom Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide, USB (PTZ-631W) Quicktime? Hm, to be honest, I don't know how to do that. Problem description: I use the pen and try to apply very little pressure for a soft brush i.e. at the start of a line, then increasing the pressure to apply more color. But the soft brush is everywhere 100% colored and nowhere opaque or transparent. Very bad for masks or inverted layers... [Edit] A screenshot of the lack of the pressure sensitivity in AP When working with Sketchbook I have a variable opaqueness ranging from almost zero to 100%. It is like working with a real airbrush: I hope this helps...
  9. This is exactly what I complained about since AD and AP hit the market. Any other lousy application remembers the original location, but not the Affinity apps. IMHO nobody cares about this bug or the wrong EXIF data for printing sizes. It shouldn't be too hard to correct these two bugs for professional use - this is what Affinity/Serif claims to enter. Now I am waiting for Pixelmator Pro to be released end of November - the current version remembers the original locations, writes clean EXIF data and even supports pen pressure with a tablet. I need reliable tools, not toys.
  10. Looks like it is time for an intermediate update...
  11. I just checked the content on the Affinity Photo container (OS X). There is a version of Exiftool integrated into Affinity Photo. So I am even more surprised that the app does not handle the resolution part of scaled images in the EXIF. Shouldn't be too hard to fix this severe bug for all users who are printing their images...
  12. Nobody else noticed this bug?
  13. The Wacom Pen Pressure still doesn't work here. Any ideas on how to solve it?
  14. There is only a small and short list with the most important EXIF data. Maybe you should go to -> View -> Studio -> EXIF and dock this window somewhere?